Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Holiday

My short and sweet holiday. Went to Malacca right after getting home from BTN. Came back and had the worst period pain in months (sorry that I have to write that! :P) Went out to meet Adilah, Iqa, and Farah (Shila had to work. What la you babe...) Then committed myself to MUN without success. And finished it off with my brother's Risikan. Now packing my bag for another semester at that second home of mine... :( He's my only motivation to pack right now. *sigh*

At Malacca's Museum of Islam.

I don't remember the name of this bukit...

And please tell me you get the sarcasm in this picture...

With the big brother.

With the father.

With the whole gang.

And I just love this picture.

My mum, me, my brother's gf (Kak Wani) and her mother.

Future sisters? :)


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