Thursday, May 15, 2008

Marie Digby & Faizal Tahir

Yesterday after CSC Lab, He and I made our way to One Utama (OU) to see Marie Digby since she's playing live for her KL showcase there. Sofiya and Diana had already gone first with Sofiya’s sister. The two of us arrived around 6 pm and had our dinner. After prayer we met up with my cousin, Kak Yong, at the left side of the stage. It’s a bit disappointing that we can only see her side feature but at the same time we were quite close to the stage. (First principle of economics: People face trade-off.) She played Say It Again, Stupid For You, Beauty In Walking Away, Fool, Unfold, and her famous Umbrella. The crowd was a bit lame because they were only familiar with Say It Again. I love it when she sang Unfold because I love her acoustic version more than the recorded one.

After the short showcase He accompanied me in the long line towards GAP for her autograph session. A few interesting thing happened. While we were lining up, Marie walked pass with her bodyguards surrounding her because there were a few fanatics, believe it or not. Then while we were talking a girl tapped me from behind. She had a microphone in one hand and a dude by her side had a video camera with him. I thought they were doing an interview about Marie but instead they came up to me and asked, “Do you want to wish any of your teachers Happy Teachers Day?” I’m like, pfff. Anyhow a few minutes later, as I sat on the couch waiting, a woman suddenly asked me, “Are you waiting to take her autograph?” while pointing at my Marie Digby CD in my hand. When I nodded she asked me to pose with the CD as she took my picture. Well, maybe because they saw a ‘selekeh’ girl like me can get a hot boyfriend like Him by my side, so that’s why they decided to take my pictures. So finally I arrived at the end of the line.

When I went up to Marie her bodyguards didn’t allow anyone to even shake her hand. Take note from bigger acts and act a little bit humble. She just said ‘Hi’ And ‘Bye’ to me. By the way, I love her more in her YouTube videos than in real life. Afterwards the five of us, (Kak Yong, Sofiya, Diana, Him and I) made our way to my house to drop my cousin off. Before making our way to INTI I made a stop at ‘Burger Pak Cik Sedap’ (Kak Yong and I gave the name so It’s not an official!) and 'introduce' it to the three of them. We finally arrived safely at INTI around 12am.

In the car I put on Faizal Tahir’s Aku.Muzik.Kamu CD which I had just bought at OU. I totally love it. I have to agree with Sofiya though that the sound is almost the same for all the songs. I guess it’s because he co-wrote most of the songs with Audi Mok so there's least variety in one sense. But somehow, the second time I listened to the whole album earlier this morning when everybody’s in class, I started to tear up because somehow his songs touched me in a way that I can’t describe. I said to Him that somehow I connect with the album but I still feel it’s something deeper. Whatever it is, the album is most deserving of its Best Album award :)



Anonymous said...

I am really glad that I'm back home now and I've had the chance to come across people's blogs of their experiences that night at the one utama show. I'm not sure if you know this but I've never played a show like that before.. I've never had bodyguards, never wanted them. I felt quite like a rag doll that day. I begged everyone to let me talk to each person as I always do at my shows but they said that was not up to me because that meant everyone else working the show would have to stay that much later. Also, that the mall would shut down and that I would not make my flight back home. Trust me, i was heartbroken with some of the ways things went down that night. but I also hope you know that I am eternally grateful for the warm welcome I got from all of you. All I wanted was to sing you some songs and entertain you for a little while.
I am very sorry for anything you experienced that was bothersome or annoying. I'm glad at least, I have the time now to come and say what I really felt. So thank you again..

marie' :)

ps - if we actually had a minute to talk, you might like me in person too ;)

Rassyid said...

Woohhh! It that the real Marie? Hmm, bangge le tu syaz? =)

Hey, u r not selekeh lah =( dah u mmg glamour + really sweet that night, mestila press nk bg publisity =)

Rassyid said...


diana said...


Haha jk. Dammit syaza i'm so jealous of you. Grrrr. TT___TT

ChEsZa said...

Oh my, if that is really you I would really like to apologize if my post sounds a bit harsh... Maybe you were right, it's of how the show was conducted and not you that got me a bit annoyed. I'm not sure if you're going to read this reply but if you do I would just like to say that I do believe you're a lovely person. Why else would I go to your YouTube page every week? :)


eliza said...

cmon seriously,dyou guys really think it's marie?


*is highly skeptical*

anyways,syaza,rasyyid said that you were glamorous that night.

more teeaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrsss?


i love you both.

adopt me!