Thursday, April 3, 2008

World Religion Debate

It is times like these that made me re-consider my options. Specifically, re-consider if I should have done law instead of…whatever I plan to do now. But I guess politics is almost the same as law. I mean both politics and law are under humanities and arts and the difference I guess is just that I won’t be able to be a practicing lawyer. But come to think of it, I’ve always been against the idea of being a lawyer because I’m afraid I’ll defend the wrong person. And actually, I used to hate politicians too because I’m afraid I’ll defend the wrong cause.

ANYWAY, all this rambling is actually because of the happy news I received yesterday when I was announced Best Speaker for my World Religion Debate. I won’t lie; I was damn happy. I’ve always say that in my life I always aimed for the best because as my dad taught me, "When you aim for the stars, the least you’ll get is the moon." But after being surrounded by two pessimist neighbors, and one ‘kind of’ pessimist boyfriend, I wasn’t really expecting much. Especially when the guy judge kept on saying how good He was. I was thinking then, “Okay, he’s going to win the best speaker award.” But I realized as they were looking for the best speaker name from the list, the lady judge smiled at me. But again, me trying to be pessimist, I was thinking, “Maybe Ashvin would win it.” That was why I was really happy when the guy judge announced my name. He said that I was ‘rational and passionate’ when I was speaking to both them and also to the audience :)

It’s a nice feeling because I’ve always liked talking when given the opportunity. But I got to mention though that I had help too from Shila who’s an amazing debater who gave me ideas and all. And also to my teammates who were so much fun to work with. We did a good job co-operating with one another. Although we lost, we should take pride when they said our debate is one of the best ever :) But not to forget, congratulations also to Lils for winning the best debater award! I guess I’ll see you in the next round Lils!


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