Monday, April 14, 2008

Some old stories

Okay, I think I owe it to you to explain why I haven’t updated my blog for a long time. Well, as those supposedly close to me, you - *pointing to you* yup, you – should know that I’m currently in the middle of my finals. That’s why I made a conscious decision to not go online except to download some stuffs starting from…well, since the last post *points downward.* Anyway, I think the least I could do is give a small recap of what I’ve been up to since the last post.

Well, after the whole World Religion debate thingy ended on that Wednesday, I went back home during the weekend to get ready for my three other presentations and also for my finals of course.

Islamis Studies:

See, on Tuesday I had my Islamic Studies presentation. I know it’s really nothing since it’s just three minutes but I only found out the afternoon before that there was a miscommunication between my group mates (Zaim and Bai) and me. So, I had to redo my points after getting back from my Trial meeting that night (I’ll talk more about that later). So anyway Zaim had actually went and met our Ustazah and requested for our group go on first. So yeah, Zaim was calling me over and over the next morning when I was about two minutes late. Zaim and Bai were amazing I got to say. And I’m not just saying that because they’re my group mates. Zaim of course is a good speaker and Bai, well; he was just natural and also naturally sarcastic. (“Anda tak nampak tapi gambar di belakang ini sebenarnya gambar dacing. Ya, dacing itu seimbang dan adil.” I got your sarcasm Baihaqi.) I on the other hand didn't really put much effort into this presentation as I stick to the original plan of each person saying only up to three minutes.

Politics Trial:

So, after that presentation was done, it’s time for my Politics Trial preparation. You see, I really love my group. SERIOUSLY. I mean, I know I was a bit critical earlier but even then I’ve just went with the flow. For me it is interesting that my group only started taking the Trial seriously on Sunday night - three nights before the actual thing - and we WON. And I’ve seen the other group meet up almost every night for hours and I have no idea what they were possibly discussing about. My group however is really a laidback one. We just had fun! :) (…Except for our ever-serious Mayor. Thank God you FINALLY realized that you’re not going to be thrown into jail :p) We enjoyed our character and that’s it! And I think it was a good move that we thought of ways to twist all the developments against us instead of denying everything because that’s what made our evidences strong, I think. So with only a few nights of actually preparing (and some fooling around and picture taking in the mid of it all) we went to the Trial confidently. It was so much fun! Our group was really funny! I guess it’s true what they said that it’s probably because our characters were really personal to Patty (ME! The polygamous person accused) and I think I did an okay job. I mean, I didn’t practice that much on it. I just went through my lines in my head a few times the night before and pray to God I’ll know what to do when the time comes. And I did! So the verdict is…WE WON! Go Defense! :))

World Religion Islam presentation:

Lastly, it was time for my Islam presentation for World Religion. It’s nothing, really. But I stupidly and unconsciously took the job of being ‘kind of’ the group leader so I have to make sure everything was okay. But when it was my time I just read from my notes. What much can I say about Modernism in Islam except that I TOTALLY disagree with our textbook. Islam IS flexible, regardless of time and place.

After all those assignments were done, it was finally time for me to focus on my finals. So since Thursday night, He accompanied me as we studied at the cafeteria below MPH so that’s what I did every night since. And then I had my Islamic Studies paper on Saturday. It was okay, not as hard as Zaim predicted! After the exam I was feeling bored so I called my mum and FORCED her to come to Nilai. So yeah, on Sunday they came :) But the night before that I was not feeling well. My whole body was warm and I shivered as the weakest wind struck me. So I want to take this opportunity to thank Him for His cough syrup and jacket that kept me company as I shivered my way to sleep that night. But as if that’s not enough, the next day I have to rosakkan my cell again and there goes RM80. And if THAT’s not enough, I have to accidentally cut myself with my shaver. Nice weekend, eh? But then on Monday it was my Macroeconomics paper. It was okay. It’s not as hard, but it’s not like I can sleep halfway or anything like that. So far there’s nothing for me to worry about…yet. Until come PHYSICS this Friday :(

Oh yeah, I got to add that I won’t be around long because after I’m done with my finals I’ll be going to the BTN camp thingy in Shah Alam with the rest of us. It’s for five days, from next Sunday to the coming Thursday. When I heard camp, I got to admit that I kind of look forward to it since I love going jungle trekking and all…until I saw the schedule. LDK! I hate LDK! All the talks, and the pembentangan and the sleepiness…I can totally see myself sleeping in the hall already. I just want to pass the test so that I can fly. So yeah, my REAL holiday will only start after that.

Sil! Dil! Iqa! Gathering time! NZ jom!


p/s: Oh, I would also like to add that my diet is officially over after I was dragged by ‘them’ to Secret Recipe three times in less than five days. Okay la, I may be exaggerating, they didn’t drag me, but point is, I’m yoyo-ing back to my previous weight.

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