Monday, April 14, 2008

My Music...again.

You guys want to know how I love to summarize my whole nineteen years of living. Well, I love doing so by seeing my life through the lens of my music collection as the years went by. Since music plays a HUGE part in my life, it reflects almost exactly how I’ve grown as a person. I think I can tell that most of you are thinking, “Yeah music is important to me too!” Maybe it is, but for me, personally la, once you discriminate music, you’ve tainted the term ‘music-lover’.

Now let's see how I've evolved musically :)

When I was younger, I started by going through the whole teeny bopper phase of my life. (OMG I can’t believe that I’m telling the whole world this!) But to think again, I think every girl in the whole wide world must have gone through that phase in their life may it be New Kids On The Block or Westlife. Me? It's BACKSTREET BOYS ALRIGHT! :p I also went through the whole I-have-a-huge-celeb-crush-on-one-of-the-members-that-I-want-to-marry-him phase. Basically, this music reflects me back then. Simple, easy going, like-able. Some may despise this type of music for being too sugary sweet but at that time in your life, everything IS sugary sweet. Friends, school...everything was so simple.

From there I started to follow current music more closely. It’s like EVERYBODY has to know the new hot track out there. If you don’t, you’re considered from Mars or something. So yeah, that phase of my life is mainly about acceptance. It was about me wanting to be accepted by the general people.

But after that, like most teenagers, I went through my own rough phase. When I was 14 until 17 my collection of CDs included those by Blindspott, Trapt, Lostprophet, Foo Fighters and the kind. Not to forget that I was also so in love with Eminem’s sick and confused way of seeing this world. This was the time when I was against EVERYTHING. “The world is unfair! I’m not good enough! I hope this music could drown away all my problems!” How childish. Thank God I came out of it stronger as during that whole soul-searching period I learnt that God is the only one that’s able to take my pain away. Not some amazing guitar riffs.

Later as I got older – and as I got closer to Shila – I went back to my roots. It's because every time I would ride with her and her late father, their Kembara would be set to 105.7, Lite FM :p Amazing enough, I know almost all the songs played by that station! Shila and I would sing along to songs from the 70s and 80s and then it made sense. I grew up listening to those songs :) That’s when I realized how much cooler songs from those eras are compared to songs nowadays. Even after 30, 40 year, you can still appreciate the beautiful melody. Today’s songs? Just a few repeated beats, and ‘said’ words (the words weren’t even sung), and people actually go crazy over them. Twenty years from now you honestly think the people from the Music Academy would mention that kind of songs ah? I don’t think so. So with that mindset, I left my rock-chic phase far, far, behind me and go for more mellow songs. My reason? I’ve became more mellow myself.

But don’t freak out, I don’t immediately convert to Lite FM. I just went a step mellower – I converted to Mix FM. But then, after a few months listening to Mix FM, I got bored. There’s not much variety. So nowadays, I just listen basically to…anything. I guess you can say that I’ve come to be more comfortable with myself that no outside influence (i.e. musical influence) can change who I am ever again, nor will I get frustrated over music. Music has molded me to be who I am a long time ago. That’s why you won’t hear me undermine ANY other type of music now because I realized Syaza Farhana is actually a combination of a lot of genres, so why do I want to discriminate any part of it?

That was the old me, the old immature me :)


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