Wednesday, April 2, 2008


As I sit under this bright kalimantang light,
I remember those nights I stayed in the dark
with nothing to hold on to
but only you for me to talk to.

As I cry and I smile this stupid grin of mine,
I remember those nights you would lend me your ear
and never did you once ever sigh
as we talked till the clock finally struck five.

As I listen now to our songs repeatedly,
I find it funny because they’re not really OUR songs
but just songs we both listen to during those rainy days
and because of you they are songs that I try to play.

As people laugh off our nonsensical conversations,
I actually do cherish the entire name calling
and then some talk on us rebelling
as I’ve never felt this comfortable doing a little bit recalling.

I hope you know that I’ll always will
think of you my friend through thick and thin,
Who knows me so well it’s no longer a question
of “can we still stay the same with our unique conversations?”


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