Thursday, April 24, 2008

End of 2nd Semester


As Diana, Zaim and I were talking before; we can't believe that it is already the end of our 2nd semester at INTI. It is hard especially for me to believe that we've reached the second end. I guess part of it is because of our very short break - that I'm currently trying to enjoy - which makes me feel as if we're just on another mid-term break.

Anyway, as I look back I really can't believe it that I am still the same person I was on the first day (of 2nd semester, not of college). I can't believe that it is possible for the same person to be on two extreme ends after only a short period of time. I remember how on the first day of college I was almost crying myself to sleep. But I'm obviously not crying anymore today. I remember how on the first week of college I hated a really good friend of mine to death, but at the end of semester I dedicated a poem to the same person for standing by me through my unstable periods of thick and thin. And I especially remember how on the first day of college I had a massive crush on the Social Science Pride catch but now, he IS mine :)

As Diana and Zaim concluded, this semester's ending is quite subtle and a bit 'tergantung' because we didn't go through the same drama we went through last year. Nonetheless I have to say that we did have another memorable month together for us to cherish forever :)


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