Thursday, April 24, 2008

BTN...not that bad lar.

Day 1

Arrived at Kem Bumi Jati, Jalan Kebun, Shah Alam around 2 pm with Sofiya. The rest had arrived 4 hours earlier. Hehe. Didn’t do much after registration. Just went lepak-ing around after checking out the rooms. I took the top bunk, Pia took the lower bunk. Later in the afternoon during the Pembukaan or something like that my friends called out my name for the Timbalan Penghulu Wanita. And then that night was just kind of an introduction thing.

Day 2

Woke up early for Subuh. Went for perbarisan which was a bit disappointing to me. I mean, yeah, I hate perbarisan but I expected more than just “Baris, ke kanaaaaaan ‘sing!” My job as Timbalan Penghulu Wanita was supposed to be during that time but I did nothing. Hehe :p Then the rest of the day was dedicated to the perbentangan kertas kerja. Like what the rest of my friends said, we agreed that the first and third speaker were okay. But the second speaker…eh. In the afternoon we had our physical test. I thought I won't be able to do it but it's not hard la. Still, I’m not telling you my physiological age!

Day 3

After the morning perbarisan we had our 2 km run. It was okay for me as expected. I mean, I know how long 2 km is since that’s the distance I had to walk from school in the burning sun for three years before I got my car. I ran non-stop until I started to feel like I’m running out of breath and that’s when I continued by walking. While I was running though I was trying to imagine Him needing my help (cewah!) and when I did arrive he was waiting for me at the gate :) That day was the first day of LDK. It wasn’t as I thought. It’s just like a speech by the facilitator (as us groupmates discussed) but in a smaller group. My group was not that talkative so I really respect the facilitators’ patience. But there were some like our leader, TM, and Yeow who were really ridiculous in a fun way la :p TM was so ridiculous that he just can’t leave Him and I alone when we were talking after the 'minum malamthat night. Aiyo…

Day 4

We had our second day of LDK on this day. I admit that I was a bit emotional during the first few sessions but I’m trying my best now to just take it as opinions and nothing more. But I have to clarify that I’m only emotional because politics is something close to me. For example if you love your parents so much you will get emotional if someone talks bad about them, no? But later it got better la. And during the logo-creating session I felt like killing myself when I shouted mine! Malu! En Zairi must have thought that I love food more than I love my country. Huhu. Later we went for our kembara through the ladang kelapa sawit. And like people said, “Kalau dah jodoh tu jodoh la,” because my group (Group 14) were coupled with His group (Group 7) :)) It was nice la even though the ‘halangan’ were just a few dirty parit. I miss those times I had to go into the jungle alone at night during my high school camps. Now THAT’s a challenge. Then later that night during Isya’ it was a bit scary la for only Kero and I were at the surau as the lights went on and off. But then my heart beat a little faster when I realized who was Imam for the night :)) After LDK all of us went studying for the next day’s exam.

Day 5

The last day. The exam was okay but a bit f***ed up la since almost 98% of what we read DID NOT come out. That’s the thing. The whole camp was okay in a sense that as a whole it was quite neutral until came time for the exam - it was very obvious which stand we HAVE to take. Not to mention that I was snoozing 40% of the time in the hall. It's not my fault! The condition was just perfect for me to go into my dreamless sleep… Anyway, almost immediately after that the buses arrived. I was supposed to be in the bus that shall arrive later but since everyone else was running for the buses on the basis of 'siapa cepat die dapat', so did Pia and I :) We arrived at INTI around 1.30 pm and I went home around 3.30.

Conclusion: The whole camp was not that bad. It was a bit dry though than what I expected as a ‘camp’. But as Lils and I concluded, wherever there’s food and bed, the two of us can survive :p



Rassyid said...

"kalau dah jodoh tu jodoh la..."
eh2, why ur heart beat faster when u realized that?

ChEsZa said...

why? sbb kan i dok bising tanye nape u xjd imam :p so i was like, "wah die imam mlm ni!" bgs2, anda mendapat pujian even dr diana dan elly. hah, bangga la tu.