Friday, March 7, 2008


Okay, last night as usual we had our usual conversation/talk/argument over politics. It's not that I want to argue with him so much about it, but he likes to 'provoke' me (his own word). Although he already explained thoroughly last night that he only like to do that because he loves to see my reactions. To him, I seemed like a BA fanatic and an over-sensitive political science student. It came to a point that I could not take it anymore that I kind of 'lashed out' nicely - however that may be - and explained my stand. I told him of why I'm sensitive over the whole BN-BA thing and I ended up spending almost an hour explaining why I'm an opposition supporter.

After that I was quiet for a while.

I know I told you that I was quiet because my head was still spinning and thinking. It was, but actually, the number one reason why I was quiet last night was because I was shocked of myself. Actually, the REAL reason why I decided to hold back my opinions until last night was because I thought I'm not competent enough. I didn't think I have the right or even enough proofs and resources to convince you - or anybody else for the matter. But after you kept pushing me, I realized, wow, I do can talk about it. I mean, I DO have the explanations in my head but somehow all this while I'm not THAT confident of myself yet. I guess because I'm considered still young to understand everything. And another reason is because all my life I had only heard my dad talk. Although what he says make my THINK, I never take the trouble to spread the words to others. But thanks to you, for provoking me, for being sarcastic with me over and over, I discovered that I'm actually ready to spread the truth about the nation's politics :)

I don't know why, but some people think it's ridiculous for me to think too much of Malaysia's political scene and should instead focus on world issues. Sure, I do read aljazeeraonline religiously, but I guess because the problem with our country is faced by me on a daily basis, it struck me that I have to change that one first before I can think of the 'world'. Maybe one day I'll shift my attention to that other 6 billion residents of the world but for the meantime, let me start on the 27 million at home first. Or better, the few hundred people that are within my reach. I'm finally ready to tell you people the truth :)

Thanks to you.


p/s: interesting blog.

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