Saturday, March 15, 2008

My music, my work.

Zaim had been asking me over and over about my study habit for a while now. Honestly, when people ask me that I somewhat feel bad because I really can’t give you an answer/answers. How do I study? I study just the same as how most of you do, seriously. Maybe one distinct feature of it is that I seriously NEED my music. That’s it. I know some people who said that but then a few minutes later they would put down their headphone. I know some people who said that but a few minutes later they would reduce the volume of their music. I don’t.

See, the thing is, you need to know a few things about me. My peak time to study is at night. It had always been that way. That’s why I don’t even bother to study in the afternoon, or anytime else in the day except when I’m in class. I would rather sleep in the afternoon to make up for my lack of sleep at night because I study best then. And when I was in secondary school, during the night would be the peak time for my whole family to do other things too. Understandable, as they're either working or studying too in the day. My dad would be at his computer blaring his music, my mum would be watching television (and we have a ‘nice’ sound system), and my brother would be playing his PS2 upstairs (another set of ‘nice’ sound system.) Even if I don't have younger siblings, I have them. Therefore, I resorted to my music. Starting from my walkman years, to my Discman, and now to either my cell or my laptop. I HAVE to blast it to the maximum in order to drown out all the other noises in the house. I admit at first it was hard. I would find myself singing along or dancing and not really focusing on my books. But after a few years, I’m an expert already. Even at maximum volume now it doesn’t even bother me or take my focus away. In fact, I can ONLY focus with my music at maximum. If not, even the littlest noise would annoy me.

So yeah, that’s my secret. I would switch on my laptop, put my headphone on, blast my Windows Media Player to the maximum, get my book, open it, and study. That’s it. The rest is just the same as any other student.


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