Friday, March 28, 2008

Ali's Birthday

To some people, birthdays are just another day on the calendar. It possesses no special meaning nor does it call for special attention. They also say that age is just a number so why fuss over the day of turning a year older? Well, those are the opinions of others but they are certainly not opinions of mine. In my opinion, birthdays are almost the same as New Year, Valentine’s Day, or even Independence Day. These days are only special if you see it as special and thus treating it as an extraordinary day - as it should be. And I’m in this category of people.

I have always viewed birthdays as a very special occasion. Not just my birthday but everyone else’s too. For me, birthdays come only once a year and for that one day, you (the birthday boy/girl) are the one of everybody’s attention. And personally, I love making my friends and family feel loved and appreciated for that one particular day. Not saying I don’t love them the rest of the year, but simply a little extra special on their birthdays. I love seeing the smile on their faces because as much as they love to say, “Alah, nothing special la birthday...” they can’t deny the light-hearted feeling that came after someone does something nice for them.

Therefore, that’s why I love surprising my friends on their birthdays especially during my school years. When they would think we don’t remember, I’d choreographed a surprise attack. I love seeing those tears of joy when I do something extra. If there's no surprise whatsoever I would take my friends out or the very least I would do is buy them something. Maybe at the back of my head I’m expecting them to do the same for me *hint hint* Nah, honestly I don’t really bother. As they say, when you give, the persons on both the ends share the same feeling of joy.

May you have a good birthday with your chubbywubb! (I don’t know what’s the female version of it is called.)


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