Thursday, February 21, 2008

Silence please...

“If you have nothing good to say better not say anything at all.”

I don’t know if I’ve ever tell you guys this but I once did an experiment back in secondary school over this hypothesis: The less you talk, the calmer you get. When I was in form two, I think, I decided to not talk with my friends for a few days and to see what the effect on me is. It doesn’t mean I didn’t communicate with them, just not verbally. My friends just laughed it off as another one of my stupid, crazy, weird way of making my boring life more ‘exciting’. But they didn’t know then how the experiment actually did some good to me. For a few days I didn’t talk but instead just wrote on a piece of paper when needed. (During that time I was really close to all my teachers and they know me, so they just waved it as another ‘Syaza thing.’) At the end of my experiment I discovered that when you spent less time talking, you ended up spending more time thinking. And personally, I like that more. It goes the same as when I’m in class though I know it’s not exactly healthy. But I like to hear what others have to say and think thoroughly before giving a response or remark or even making a face because what comes out of your mouth reflects who you are as a person. And I believe words reflect your level of maturity too. When you talk sometimes you tend to go overboard and I hate for that to happen both by me, and to me. Therefore I’d rather keep my mouth shut and just smile to the world. They may see me eating but don’t think under that chewing expression I’m not playing and replaying a conversation.

“Words do mater.”


p/s: But hey, with the people I'm comfortable with I can gossip with them hours on end. But even then if I feel like I don't have anything good to say, I'd just 'shut up and drive.'

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