Sunday, February 24, 2008


Quoting Diana, "Syaza tak keluar?!" (something like that.)

Yeah, it's shocking isn't it if Syaza doesn't go out. So today I went out with the whole clan to Pavilion and as usual, with my daddy around, I feel like Britney Spears. See for yourself what I meant by it.

Yup, call him overprotective or something but those pictures were taken by my dad when I'm not looking.

And that's us waiting for our lunch (Kak Yong belanja! Sayang kamu!) And also if you people realize, I was trying to be Pia for the day :D

The usual line at JCo.

And then later my cousin and I stopped by the park near my house to take pictures since the sceneray was oh-so-BEAUTIFUL! :)

Oh and may I also add that I've been with him for a month now. "Forever" eh baby. Oh, how that word struck me as so believable when you said it. =')

-C- know the rest.

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