Monday, February 25, 2008

My Wall

This may sound weird, but I was thinking of my pet while I was in my Macroeconomics class just now. I know my pet’s already dead but I can’t help reminiscing how we were before… As I was thinking I realized how I’ve changed since life disappointed me. Last year I started college with fresh hopes and dreams but instead I got crushed along the way. Therefore this year I started the new semester with a thick and tall barrier surrounding me. People can no longer easily approach me – physically and emotionally – and I don’t reach out to people as much as I used to. It's not that I have anything against ‘people’ but the second you took advantage of me you’re crossed out of my list. But as cheesy as this might sound, I'm not that sad because I believe in the rainbow after the storm and right now I'm so in love with my rainbow :)

"I can't get it back, but I don't want it back." - Go On Girl by Ne-Yo.

"With my brand new life I'm truly happy, but from time to time I do think back." - Do You by Ne-Yo feat Utada Hikaru.

All music courtesy of Diana.


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