Sunday, February 10, 2008


This week I was called ‘kabut’ a few times by my fellow friends and family members during different occasions. It kind of made me want to laugh :) Actually, it did make me laugh when Zaida said so in the car. Not because it’s funny or the sarcasm laugh of ignorance, but the laugh of, “Hell I miss this Syaza!” :D

Remember that I once wrote I’m more…‘cool, calm, and collected’ now compared to before? Well, I’m not really sure what happened to me, but like what Diana went through, it’s either I’ve changed or I’ve just gone back to how I was before. :) Yeah, the old me is really kabut. No, I don't cry or shout as much as I used to (thank God I’m not turning back into that!), but I’m more…relaxed to just be myself. Yes, I AM kabut. It’s because I like to do a lot of stuffs at a time and I simply can’t sit still! I just have to move! So yeah, this is good, this is all good. Me running around the house, up and down the stairs, is the real me. The one you saw before, the one that’s always composed…that’s a lie. I wasn’t being true to myself. No wonder I wasn’t so happy before.

I was talking to him the other day and he made me realize that we’re different especially in this sense. I’m very loud and he’s charmingly quiet. But you know what I also realized? I realized that I’ve always needed that kind of people in my life. In every phase of my life, I need that one person to bring me down to earth every time I started to go overboard. People like Fayyadhah and Shila are always there to tell me, “Syaz, that's enough.” Therefore, I’m glad that he’s also like the rest of my best friends. He is my best friend. If he is as ‘expressive’ as I am I think I might just get my tongue pierce tomorrow. So people, be thankful he’s not.


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