Thursday, January 31, 2008

Drums Lesson!

Today’s a Thursday. Today’s the day that I had two tests back to back. During Political Science admittedly the questions were kind of tough. Thank God for Miss Lilian Chan for she’s the reason I memorized all the amendments the night before. Later, also thanks to the same Miss Chan for telling me beforehand to just focus on the assignment. For that, I owe you one babe! :)

Later, during lunch someone surprised me with something really sweet… Thank you… =’)

After Islamic Studies I went lepak-ing with Sofiya and Zaim and then around 7pm Wenli and I left for the ICB room for our first drums lesson. Well, it’s not really Wenli’s first as she’s joined since last semester. But anyway, I had so much fun during class! Those months I spent with that grumpy, old, fat instructor at Yamaha paid off! I still remember most of the basics he taught me even after two years of not being near a drum set! And for that, Wenli and I and two other students are eligible for the intermediate class :) When he said, "Those who are joining the intermediate class (Wenli)...and you(Me!)" I felt like jumping since I haven't practiced for some time now. We don’t have to go through the beginners’ class! Can’t wait for my next class! Plus, our instructor is nice! Did I mention that my old instructor was grumpy, old, and fat?

And now I just came back from supper with my favorite person. I’m going to miss you so much during the holidays… :( Now I want to go practice your song on your guitar :)

Later everyone!


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