Saturday, February 16, 2008

16 February 2008

Yesterday was…an indescribable night for me. It was much more beautiful than I ever anticipated. I’m really thankful to God for him. There are seriously no words to describe how I felt last night. Speechless is such an understatement. Thank you… Thank you… Thank You…...

Actually I was a bit sad last night too because four of my supposedly best friends didn’t wish me exactly at 12am. But thankfully all of them with the exception of Zaida (nasib aku sayang ko Zai!) called me instead. So I’m very happy about that. Too bad I can’t see any of them since we’re all busy with our studies now :(

Today I just had lunch with my family and my brother’s girlfriend. The day was so cute to me. I love the food (and you know how much I adore food), the company and also the presents! No, I’m not really into presents at this age; to just have my family with me is already a beautiful gift. But of course I’m not complaining over the gifts I received :)

But the best part today was when I opened my mum’s gift for me. I think I laughed so hard I frightened my brother’s girlfriend! My mum gave me a book called, “You Can Be The Happiest Woman In The World.” And he gave me a book called, “Jadilah Wanita Yang Paling Bahagia.” …It’s the same book! He gave me the translation and my mum already saw the book he gave me last Wednesday. No wonder she was like, "Don't need to open..."

But all in all, it’s a good sweet nineteen (is it still sweet?)


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