Thursday, January 10, 2008


Now it is time for the story of my day out with the college babes pulak! :) And this story lasted EXACTLY 24 hours...well, almost. Diana is very particular these days.

Let’s see, we were supposed to get out of INTI around 5 pm. But then, knowing the two neighbors, we finally got into the car around 5.40 pm. That reminds me girls, isn’t punctuality one of your new year’s resolutions? Or is it just for classes :p Nevertheless, I still love them! :D

We drove our way to KL and then Damansara and towards the Curve. Unfortunately we got stuck in a massive traffic jam all the way from Pandan Indah to Kepong :( Two hours spent wasted in the car y'all. We arrived at the Curve around 7.40 pm. I guess it was because the next day was a holiday that the whole of KL decided to go out. Oh well.

Anyway, we were starving by then! I know I was! We planned to go to Chilli’s but there isn’t one in the Curve. (Remember that one, Pia :p) After praying and all Diana and I joined the other four at TGI Friday’s. Even though the food was just alright (we should have gone on Rassyid's birthday for the free cake...), it was still so much fun! Especially to those cam whores! I love to take pictures but there were those *cough*Sofiya, Lils, Diana*cough* who swore by the cam! We looked like a bunch of teenagers who were High on flashes. Oh yeah, speaking of High…Wenli, babe, you were a bit tipsy, OK.

...Oops! I meant, KuchingSarawakMalaysia, you were a bit drunk.

After dinner we went to buy the tickets for our late night movie. Even that was a ‘fight’. But of course Game Plan won! Okay okay, next time I’ll bring you girls to go watch a horror movie… And then we thought we want to do a little shopping but around 10 pm all of the shops were already closed :( With no where else to go we headed to Starbucks. One hot chocolate, six girls, one guy, and it equals to two hours of gossiping.

Later we watched Game Plan, the movie that I wanted so much to watch. It was such a sweet and cute movie! The most significant part of the whole deal wasn't from any of the scenes from the movie…it came from the audience. The most significant part of the movie was…when there were six girls crying nearing the end of the movie. I don’t know about them but I cried because Joe Kingman (The Rock) reminded me so much of my daddy with the whole guitar playing and singing to coax his daughter… Especially when Monique - the ballet instructor - said to Joe, “Never underestimate the power of a father because he can make his daughter do things…” something like that la, I can’t really remember. It rings true to me. Like I said before, my mum always let me do what I want to do but if it’s not for my father encouraging me and teaching me guitar, psychology, politics, and about life generally, do you think I’d be where I am now? No way, man.

The movie ended around 2 am and we started making our way back to my house. Oh gosh, last night was the second time I got pulled over by the police. This time it was for speeding… I was driving at 97 km/h at an 80 km/h area. (My second speeding misdemeanor.) But since this is the second time, I knew what to say and the officer let me go because he said, “Saya kesian awak masih P” (Plus there wasn’t a P sticker on my dad’s car!) I’m really grateful he let me go although in my heart I was really praying, "Just give me a ticket but leave my license alone." :( We arrived at my house around 3 am and all of us fell asleep around 4 am. I am so sorry guys that you have to berhimpit and slept in the AV room :(

The next day I woke up around 10 am but the rest only follow suit about an hour later…I think :p We got ready and then around 12 pm we went to…the Zoo! I’ve always promoted the place as our next outing location and FINALLY today I was able to tarik Diana and Elly to go. And I think we all enjoyed ourselves :) And the most memorable part of the whole zoo experience was seeing the Lions mating!!! I went to the zoo EVERY SINGLE YEAR but today was the first time I saw them mating! I think - I think la - they know that I’m finally eighteen and legal! :p After having our lunch there we made our way to see the Animal Show. But halfway through it started raining :( So we made our way to the aquarium. And even there we embarrassed ourselves just when a bunch of guys were coming in. Girls... All in all I think the zoo was an interesting outing for all of us. There was some crazy picture taking and of us just… ‘Exercising.’ (Sorry Di, next time we'll take the train, eh.) We then went back to my home when it started to rain heavily around 3 pm.

Diana and I prayed at my house and then around 4 pm we headed back to The Home… INTI. The ride back was much better than yesterday. There was no jam whatsoever and my friends were all sleeping soundly in the car. Oh yeah but I got to mention that it was raining HEAVILY at Cheras and I can barely see the Mercedes in front of me. My heart was beating like hell but I tried to keep my composure and squinted at the road and alhamdulillah the rain only lasted around 20 minutes or so. It was kind of scary not being able to see more than 5 meters away.

5 pm and all of us more or less can already feel our beds underneath us… Remember that we left around 5.40 pm the day before so yup, it was an EXACTLY 24 hours experience of pure joy and exhaustion :)


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