Monday, January 21, 2008


I’ve always said this and I’m going to say it again. For me, I believe that time heals everything. Although this applies to me, I’m not asking anyone to follow me or something (still, anybody care to join?) Whatever it may be, time just heals it for me. Of course sometimes with help from other factors too but TIME’s the essential.

Some people write in their diaries,

Some cry their hearts out,

Some scream out loud,

Some just need to shoot the enemy…


Of course I admit that I’m a weeper too. Sometimes I cry…and sometimes I sleep. But the truth is, I don’t believe in putting emotions first over rational thinking. I know some people do but I don’t yet I have nothing against the person who does. Been there, done that. I mean, when I was younger yes, I would scream to the people I care about or in whatever way supposedly to ‘teach them’. But I’m older and I know better now. Putting a sour look never helps anyone. So I made a decision a few years back that when I’m emotionally unstable I would just shut up and let the emotion subsides on its own instead of attempting to take things into my own hand.

Quoting my best friend, Shila, “I’ve seen the people I love got taken away from me by God just like that. Then tell me, what is the point of arguing over silly stuffs with your own friends? You never know what tomorrow holds so just keep it inside and trust your friends.” She said that a few weeks after her father’s death.

I’m not any better than anyone. I still make mistakes and I’m still learning. But trust me, when it concerns my friends I would rather give up my Physics class (and you people know how much I love those classes) than see my friends get disappointed with me. But just give me the time to digest everything because sometimes I can be a bit slow. The thing is I don’t want to take sudden actions and then later jeopardize anything between us. And again, trust me when I say it is easy for me to be sad but it is also very easy for me to be happy again…provide there’s still time in this world.


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