Friday, January 18, 2008

The 'Rents Are Back!!! :)

It is true that everything happens for a reason :)

Last night I was really sad that my parents’ flight were delayed for hours. At first they were scheduled to arrive at 11 pm but then delayed to 4 am, and then later my dad said maybe they’ll only land on Saturday. I was really down.

But then they arrived 12 hours later at 3 pm today and I am very glad for various reasons. For various reasons that, again, only known between me and the pages of my unpublished draft.

Seriously though, if they had arrive on any of the earlier time I would have to drive to KLIA at night. Instead because they arrived this afternoon, my parents and myself were not as concern than if I have to drive all alone in the dark. So yeah, the All Mighty does know what’s best for me :) I should have not complained so much the night before.


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