Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Hair Story

I’ve always had my hair highlighted since I was fifteen. I started highlighting my hair as a ‘present’ for myself after my PMR examinations. I’ve always wanted to highlight my hair blue though but my dad wouldn’t allow me, said it’s too unnatural. So anyway, yeah, I settled for blonde highlights. That had been my hair color since. Every year that follows I would highlight my hair as a sign of ‘rebel celebration.’ I did it after my form four end-of-year exams and then directly after my SPM examinations. DIRECTLY. Biology paper on Monday, highlight hair on Tuesday. Anyway, as you can see I’ve done it every year…except in 2007. Somehow I didn’t have the chance to do so.

So there I was, stuck with my all natural black hair for a year… I thought I was ready for a more mature and sophisticated look. As in, accept my natural color and be happy with it. I was, but for some reason I woke up today and decided I’m going to do it. But the weird thing is, according to my past records I only highlighted my hair when I’m in a celebratory mood. This week I wasn’t in one. In fact, you can say I’m in a mourning period. But I did it because seeing my hair all highlighted again gave me a sense of…belonging. I really felt like crying tears of joy after seeing how I’ve ‘returned.’

Yeah, that is such a lame excuse. But hey, I miss my inner rock chick. I miss the rebel in me. I miss going against the norm. I miss ME.


p/s: My mum called me earlier and wanted to take me to trim my eyebrows! I don’t want to! I love my ‘one eyebrow’! That’s me! That’s my identity! Some may call me a freak, but that’s how people can recognize me from afar! That’s how people know “Oh, tu la anak Encik Shukri” as my eyebrows are the result of my daddy’s DNA! :( But…as a daughter I have to obey whatever my mum said if it’s not against the religion… *sigh* Guess I’m ready ibu…

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