Friday, January 11, 2008

Murphy's Law


...Oh my God! I was so happy today! And to think that last week I had to force a smile because of all the drama surrounding me. But not today though! I think the cycle is about to turn upwards again :) I've always said that I do believe in Murphy's Law. Or simply put I do believe in the power of faith. If I just hang in there, inevitably something good is going to come out of it all. I'm not saying that I am over-the-top THRILLED or something but unconsciously I was singing happy tunes while I was driving back home just now! :) Oh girls, I can't even remember that Pig's name anymore.

Now, I just want to do a little summary of my classes so far.

US Government: I totally adore Borges! He's so much better than Fulton, sorry to say. And I love Politics so basically I can sum up that I love the whole course :)

World Religion: So far so good. The class had a few arguments already and as much as I love arguments, I have to disagree with some of the manners of the students. As my Physics lecturer said, "Learning is about changing. If you don't change then you're not learning." So try to open up as this is a sensitive subject.

Physics: I love Mr. Toh because he's so much like Mr. Fo from last semester! I have a confession to make though. Although Physics used to be my favorite science subject in school, it was my worst because I had a really bad teacher. So that is why I hope to redo it again now :)

Macroeconomics: Love Miss Sheila but her voice is just so soft that I sometimes tend to drift in and out. But what can I say, I love money; therefore, I TRULY enjoy economics.

Islamic Studies: Love the Ustazah. Period.


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