Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mum's birthday :)

In my kabut-ness and my head not being in the right place just now I forgot to mention that today is actually MY DEAREST MUMMY’S BIRTHDAY! Yup, she just reached the big five-zero! You're still young ibu! :)

My mummy is the best.

She totally gets her baby girl here. I know I may not be a baby anymore but I’ll always be one in her eyes :) (Speaking of baby, a month in counting *cough*) My mummy has always guided me the best she can in any way possible since I was young. She instilled the basis of being a human since I was a toddler but she never really put restrictions on what I can or cannot do. I remember when I was like 5, my other friends were so scared that their mummy will get mad if they get the clothes dirty but my mum, when I asked her if she’ll get mad her answer was simply, “No, dirty clothes can be washed but experiences are forever.” Isn’t that the best? That has been one of the best advices in my life :)

So with that, believe me ibu when I say you’ve reached that mature age.



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