Monday, December 31, 2007


Taking cues from other bloggers, this is my recap of 2007. Well, it’s not really a recap. But when you guys were talking about the New Year… there’s only one moment in 2007 that got me thinking of how lucky I am to be where I am now.

The date was 5th December. It happened around 6 pm. Approximately six hours before my family had to leave. We were in my dad’s car, on our way back from my grandparents’ place. Remember I wrote here don’t let me start on how bad I was crying a few hours before they left, right. Well, it actually started then, in the car. Out of the blue my dad asked all of us, “So did we all get what we wanted for 2007?” Suddenly I was sobbing like mad. Yeah, we did... Alhamdulillah… :) I got everything I’ve ever prayed for: Success in my SPM to the highest level, a scholarship to do what I want to do, and to the place that I want to go. Basically, that’s all that I wished for the year two-oh-oh-seven. My parents got what they wanted too and my brother got to pursue his life-long dream of being an animator (his email address of syazwanimator hasn’t changed since he was TWELVE!) So yeah, my family has been in a good position this year. And I dare not wish for something more next year or even the years after next... :)

Dear God, please keep my family in good health and give us strength for us to be better persons individually and also as a whole. Dear God, may You grant us all our wishes that are good to us and keep us away from those that can ruin us. Dear God may 2008 be just another number in the calendar and that You would keep blessing us with all Your glory no matter what the date is.

Anyway, after that my dad jokingly asked what our next aims are for 2008. What’s my aim for next year? Let it just be between me and the pages of my unpublished drafts :)


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