Monday, December 17, 2007

Nerd, and so much more

*Reads previous entry*

Many apologies to my friends!! :( I wrote that when I was feeling… disappointed with someone. And my girlfriends know who that person is… Anyway, after reading it again I’m more disappointed with myself. How can I be so selfish…? For that I apologize, and I hope none of you will be singing “It’s too late to apologize,” now :(

Now for today’s first topic ladies and gentlemen, it is on N.E.R.D. No, not the band, but the adjective. Someone (how many someone do I have, eh) once told me that I’m a nerd (it seems like I’m doing a lot of muhasabah diri right now. Or also called self discovery…I think). You know what, I almost laugh when he said that. The way he said it was in a I’m-sorry-you-spent-a-lot-of-time-studying way (can’t stop giggling. Am I high?) Yeah, I admit that I do a lot of studying. Like I once told Iman, I LOVE studying, no matter what it is on be it Science or Arts or nothing in particular! I really do, and I think that is also why Zaim called me 'book smart'. So, I don’t care if someone wants to label me as a ‘nerd’. First of all, all I can say is, as a Muslim I am only fulfilling my kewajipan (or obligation) in that it is Fardhu Kifarah to learn as many worldly ilmu as I'm able to. Second of all, I’m happy with my achievements so far, thanks to my hard work, or - as you would like to call it – NERDY WAYS ;-) But to those who REALLY know me know that after a hard day's worth of studying, I play even harder! That's why I think none of my high school friends ever call me a nerd. They were with me when I have my books around and they were also with me when I decided to jump from atop a tree behind our school.

Now, let’s move on to today’s next topic. You know what movie I’ve been watching over and over for these past few days? It’s the HBO holiday special, THE HOLIDAY featuring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black. Well, I have actually seen the movie with my aunt when it came out (yeah, so romantic.) The thing is, watching the movie I can’t help but to associate myself with Kate’s character, Iris! Look at her! She’s a mess! She’s a weeper! She’s in love with a guy for three damn years! I’m a mess! I’m a weeper! I’m lovesick by the same guy on and off for a few months now! Gosh! If it took Iris to go to LA to get over Jasper, maybe that’s what I need too; time away from that person. As Miles (Jack Black) puts it, “You can’t get over him if you still contact him. Good for him, bad for you.” With that, believe me when I say I’m on my way people, I’m on my way :)


p/s: Today my family is at Arafah for Wukuf, the main event during the Hajj. Yup, in Saudi Wukuf is on the 18th but here in Malaysia we celebrate Eid-ul-Adha’ on Thursday. Missing them, as usual… Can’t wait to hang out at my grandparents’ house during Raya though :)


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling for Iris too. Heheh. That's one movie I can watch like ten times a day. Well, not that much but you get the point. By the way, since we've planned to meet I suggest we exchange books. I'll bring Sophie's World and East of Eden and u bring that book (tentang cinta is it) and any other book that's good. Hehe. Can ah? -SOFTEE-

ChEsZa said...

haha can can, i'l think of a good book for us to 'discuss' during our meeting :p