Saturday, December 1, 2007


My day started at 10 am yesterday and ended at 3.40 am the next morning.
Let me start by telling what my friends (Shila and Adilah) and I did first. Shila picked us up at our houses with her Mercedes around 10 am and we went straight to One Utama. We decided to watch a movie since Adilah had four FREE movie tickets to ANY movie at ANY GSC cinema. After the show, we had our ‘Lea’ (lunch + tea). It was almost 4 by then and Live & Loud officially started at 3. But we know the opening acts are usually…’nobodies’, so to speak.

So by 4.30 we arrived at Mont Kiara Equestrian Club after a little ‘sesat2’ around Sri Hartamas (you know me :p) We parked quite far from the club, somewhere near Pusat Sains Negara. We made our way to the gate with our ever-so-confident look to walk pass the security. But then they checked Shila’s bag and we were stopped. I know they put the NO CAMERA sign like a few meters away from the gate but I didn’t actually think they’ll check! Because based on my experiences from other concerts, they don’t bother to check at all. I guess it was because the magnitude of people was low when we arrived! They asked us to put our cameras in our car, but me being me, able to ‘sweet talked’ a police officer, I said, “But we came here by taxi!” They still wouldn’t budge. In fact, they were flirting even. Urgh! So we just waited for Adilah’s mum to drop her brother and cousins and Shila and I put our cameras in her car. I told Adilah to hang on to hers since hers is the smallest. I put it in her pocket (see how sneaky Chesza can be… *evil laugh + rubbing hands*) Adilah was afraid they’ll check but I’m CONFIDENT they won’t check a lady’s pocket. When we tried going through security again not only that they didn’t check Adilah’s pocket, they don’t even check ANY OF OUR BAGS AGAIN! Aargh! (Because by then there was already a long line.) My friends and I went to the toilet and then we saw the ‘Surau’. It’s not really a Surau. It’s actually a sick bay! They just paste the ‘Surau Perempuan’ sign! So we decided to do our Asar prayers first. When we were done, some guys went in. There weren’t even a different Surau for men! How shitty. Malaysia, eh?
And then we made our way to the field. (Okay Kak Yong, sorry to mock you the other day for having to stand throughout your coming MCR concert because mine is free standing too.) When we arrived there weren’t any act so my friends and I went to the merchandise booth to ‘shop’! :p

We sat and waited until almost 7 and THEN an act finally appears in the form of Indonesia’s Project Pop. They were…okay la. I don’t think most of us know them. I certainly don’t. Miraculously Shila does. They were a typical Indonesian pop band. Lastly they even did a Dangdut number. By then my friends and I decided to leave for our Maghrib prayers.

Shocking of all shocks, there were only us and this lady with her (young adult) kids. That’s it. And I thought I saw how many Muslims out there. Oh, I must also add that it was when we were in the toilet for ablution that we heard Elliott Yamin’s voice!!! After we were done I swear my friends and I RAN all the way back to the field and up front. (It was far, the Surau from the stage. Dammit!) Yeah, Adilah’s a big fan of Elliott. I follow American Idol so yeah, we were kinda excited :p And his songs are GOOD! Very inspirational. In fact, all his songs “have important lyrics, you young people out there better pay attention.” We were surprised though that he came out soon. And when he sang Wait For You the whole crowd scream! Adilah took his video singing the whole song :p

After that there was that intermission again. It was long but at least it was not as long as during the Force Of Nature concert. That one I swear I can sleep through every intermissions. But then when the MC came up on stage again and said, “Are you guys ready for the next act? Welcome our own…” By then I was thinking, a Malaysian artiste…give me Whitney please… But when he shouted “JOE FLIZZOW” I was the one shouting the loudest from my section on the left side of the stage!!! Kartello-hello! This was my third time seeing Too Phat on stage. The first time was as the opening act to Linkin Park and the second time as a guest during the Peter Pan concert. I LOVE TOO PHAT! I LOVE JOE! But I miss my Malique! :( I was shouting the loudest and dancing the hardest throughout that whole set :p (It seems like I’m the only who knows the words to their songs. Am I the only one who have Rebirth Into Reality???) Joe did an amazing job even with Malique (Que Chill) missing, singing Mariposa, Dua Dunia, KL (my theme song), and even Alhamdulillah. After that, intermission again.

Next was the set of Malaysian artistes. I don’t really remember who were there…or maybe I just simply don’t know who they are. Let’s see, I can remember Nikki (who was wearing a very very very short dress. And I thought artistes performing in Malaysia must cover from their chest to their knees. Then what’s that cleavage you’re showing, darling), there was Jac who’s amazing as always, Noryn Aziz who I think I’ve fallen in love with (her voice is THE BEST among the other Malaysians), Anuar Zain, Lah from V.E., those other few dudes from Ruffedge (according to Adilah) and some dude we didn’t get his name (but I like him most). At first I was like, what songs do I know by these people??? But then my ‘fear’ was not met with when they sang old songs that I’m TOTALLY familiar with :) I love Noryn’s rendition of I Will Survive! (I guess because I simply love the song? :p) Since they were singing mostly slow songs, I danced through that whole set with Shila. Adilah was sitting and standing and then sitting again. Oh may I also add that the microphone didn’t work a few times. We (I) were shouting “MICROPHONE!!!” When the microphone problem settled, the big screen in the middle had its own technical problem. 

After that came the BEST performance of the night! And it wasn’t Whitney! Shaggy came out and TOTALLY rock the stage! Again, at first I was like, how am I going to party to him? And again, I was happy because he sang all the songs that I know! And really, he got THE WHOLE CROWD dancing and really hyped! No one was sitting down during his set! It was really nice! Angel, Sexy Lady, and It wasn’t Me were all my favorites and they totally bring back memories of my school years :) I remember I fell in love with Reggae when I heard Fat Freddy’s Drop, a band from New Zealand. And now I am totally in love with Reggae all over again thanks to Shaggy! And I felt like it was a ladies night with all the shouts of “Malaysian ladies out therrre!”. Really felt special, got to admit.  And all those songs about Strength of A Woman really got my friends and me dancing. Shaggy is a true Mr. Lova2. Oh you WILL read it in the papers that Shaggy’s the best! He’s not just a singer, he’s an entertainer and we were entertained!

Then the dreaded intermission again and this time it took so long. Well, I guess they don’t want to ruin Whitney’s performance in any way. And they kept reminding us, “If you get caught taking pictures the security will take your camera away.” My friends slept on my lap as we waited…and waited…and FINALLY Whitney Houston came out! Whitney didn’t interact much with the audience but it’s her VOICE that people pay their good RM260 for. And it was powerful. Really nice. Really Whitney :) And the best part, even she said, “Do you like my dress? I did it especially long for you.” Even she gets the memo, Nikki. Anyway, when she started on Greatest Love Of All everyone was screaming! And then she sang My Love Is Your Love with her daughter who’s a little angel with a nice voice too. And then it was I Wanna Dance With Somebody which my friends and I totally danced together to. But the show stopper is really when she sang I Will Always Love You… That was really the best way to end a perfect night (minus all the technical problems.) But of course, they couldn’t just let Whitney go like that. So the chants of “Whitney, Whitney, Whitney!” started. And of course (as if it’s a shocker) she came back for an encore and sang “I’mmmm eeeevery womaaaan it’s all in me!” Really, it was a ladies night.

Around 2 am, the show ended. My friends and I quickly made our way to the car (remember it was parked quite far.) But the best part is actually seeing Malaysians parking their cars in the MIDDLE of the road *clap clap* Malaysia Boleh! right? After going through some jam and having to drive through all those stupid Mat Rempits’ snickers, we finally made our way to NZ and had our…dipper (dinner + supper) and I finally arrived home at 3.40 am, as mentioned above. Now it is 11 am Sunday morning but I feel no exhaustion at all :)

And that ladies and gentlemen, is my girls day/night out with two of my favorite ladies :)


p/s: I’ll only have pictures when Adilah gets online! Remember I couldn’t bring my camera :(

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