Monday, December 10, 2007

Home Alone

I’m all alone again…

I just came back from sending my cousins off at Perhentian Duta.

Nana and Adik came from Ipoh together with their parents the day my parents went to do their Hajj. Their sister, Kak Yong had been here in KL earlier since she’s looking for a job. So after my parents left, and their parents left them with me, they’re all I have. I mean in the house they’re the ones who were making the most noises :)

They were trying their best to make me smile. Therefore on Thursday I took them to One Utama and basically we shopped! But I just realized that… Retail therapy doesn’t work for me. I bought this beautiful olive sweater but I wasn’t smiling much, still. And then on Friday I took them to Sunway and we ice-skated AND, believe it or not, we bowl! AND I realized then that I CAN’T BOWL FOR SHIT. The cliché goes; I can’t bowl to save my life! I’ll only be a cheerleader if you people want to bowl :p Then on Saturday I took them to KLCC. Specifically, I took Nana to Aquaria. On Sunday they went to Times Square but I was tired so I stayed home. Last night Adik and Kak Yong went to the MCR concert. This morning, they’re gone.

Sure, Kak Yong and Chor (my other guy cousin) are here to keep me company, but both of them are working in the day and I can’t promise I won’t cry then…


p/s: I’m sleeping in my parents’ bedroom, with my brother’s blanket, praying on my parents’ praying mat, sitting where my mum always sit at the dining table, driving my dad’s car, playing my dad’s guitar, NOT playing my brother’s Wii. I miss them.

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