Thursday, November 1, 2007


Week in review

Monday : ENL was in MPH together with everyone under JPA. It was okay I guess. The questions weren't hard, but knowing Miss Judy and her style of giving marks, and then thinking back to my coursework, it's going to be a tough fight to get an A.

Tuesday: Calculus! My favorite subject! Mr Fo did not lie when he said if we just study the assignments and quizzes and tests we will be alright. The questions are really similar to the ones we've done. So, I finished and left early.

Wednesday: Psycho, the dreaded 'reading' exam to most of us. It's tiring because with psycho we have to read almost everything. But it's worth it, as the questions are not that hard at all! In fact, I was reminded of answering the History paper for SPM.

Thursday: Chemistry, another one of my favorite :) It's a bit harder than expected, but I think I did okay. Not that it was hard, it was just I guess I underestimate it a bit. Still, I left early cause I PLANNED to go home early.

Now is just time for us to pray and wish for the best when the results come out. Till then, this will be a dedication to my fellow friends who I won't be seeing for two months. One semester down, a few more to go. We have succeeded in getting through this crazy adaptation stage and now have a better understanding of how life in INTI works and also how each of us corresponds to one another. After this, we don't know when we will meet again, though. Maybe next semester, maybe not. Maybe we'll stay here a few months, or a few years. But whatever it is, remember, the memories that we've made so far are priceless to me and I am very glad that I made it with you crazy people :)



Kuala Lumpur

Today, as I was driving from Nilai into KL, I suddenly felt this pang of overwhelming feeling as I saw the glimpse of the twin tower, the KL tower, and also the famous haze that I knew so well.

Kuala Lumpur is my hometown, my love, my EVERYTHING. I've seen Kuala Lumpur went from a small, kind of a timid city, grew into what she is today. Can I say that I am proud of her? I remember when I was young, before there was an MRR2, whenever we got back to KL from Ipoh, I would be really delighted at the first sight of the tips of skyscrapers as we drove through the hills into the city (I know it sounds dramatic because it does) as I know I was home. (Sorry that I'm bad with the names of these roads, but I DO know these roads okay.)

In KL, I feel very safe. Very protected. As if nothing can REALLY harm me. How funny is that, eh? KL - where the crime rate is increasing every second, where people are murdering each other in cold-blooded ways, where people are also bombing their lovers into pieces, and also where people are raping their own children - is the place where I feel the most safe. Even during those times when I got lost in KL in some small, scary alley, and with no prior memory of it, I could still whistle as I try to find my way out of it calmly. Because I know, I was still home. This big city just does not scare me. On the other hand, it teaches me a lot of lessons instead. In a city where there are more than 2 million people, it is really hard to trust anyone or to feel safe or be accepted easily by the society. But the very moment that you do, you know you have found the key to a rational living :)

But you wanna know the really best part of MY hometown? The thing that I love and don't wanna exchange it for anything else. The one thing that I would stand up for at any time of the day when challenged. I, Syaza Farhana, am proud to admit to the whole wide world that I come from the old side of KL. The old side where the buildings don't rise as high as those in Damansara. The old side where the shop-houses are not made of glasses or some modern design. Instead, traces of colonial times are still visible at some places. The old side of KL where when you say gerai, you will see a booth with an atap roof instead of modernized wooden booth. The atmosphere of my hometown is one of having the best of both world. I am living in a huge city but from where I come from, the people still talk of KL about how it was decades ago, instead of just 'years ago'. (It really is a kampung to me, one way or another.) The new KL, where some people are so proud to be part of (understandable, as that's THEIR hometown) are only as old as I am. I guess maybe it just doesn't appeal to a History buff like me who appreciates the beauty of time. OLD SKOOL ROCKS!

Although I may be moving to Nilai in a few years time, KL is my real hometown. KL is where I went to school, where I met unforgettable characters, where I first experienced the taste of freedom and the consequences of it. KL is, simply put, where my heart is.

...I'm so gonna make full use of the two months I have now :)



Syar said...

GOOD LUCK with the results. In the meantime, tak yah pk lagi la. Enjoy that 2 months to the fullest. Take Care Syaz.Am so proud of you, as a friend.

Diana said...


hey what u wrote abt KL.
hmmm that pang of overwhelming feeling!! i sooooooooo know that feeling!!!! plus u feel it right after the drama episode y'know what i mean. exactly what occured to me. hahahah. yeah after being attacked by the drama u just feel like seeking comfort...and where do you find it? the best is through familiarity ;). and of course; hometown = familiarity. hahah.

and wtf i hate your review!
it doesnt do justice to all of us okayyy :DDD

ChEsZa said...

awww... thank u syar, i'm proud of u too darling. i've seen/read how strong you've been on ur blog =)

heheh yeah di, i guess that's why i wanted to 'run' back home as soon as i possibly can. the familiar haze...aah...where nilai is green, kl is of concrete...ah...... er, well, that's why that's MY review :p