Thursday, November 22, 2007


Syar tagged me =)

-How old are they?
-Where are they currently?
-How long have you known them?
-Tag 5 people !

Asilah a.k.a. Shila my babe
She just turned 18!
She' studying in UiTM but now at home
I've known her for...5 years?

She's 18 going on 19, 10 days before me!
She''re at home now, right (Bangi)?
I've only known her for *count on fingers* 5 months.

Haziq :)
He's 18
He's studying in IIUM but in PJ
I've known him for...11 years, and counting

Elly Smelly :p
She's also at home (Subang)
As Sofiya, I've only known her for 5 months

Diana or also known as Lady D (no more strange little girl)
She's also in Subang...supposedly
And again, I've only known her for 5 months.

Question(s) Time :

Would You Rather…Party with 1 or 5?
- Partying you say...BOTH! Serious!

Date 1 or 2?
- 3 cannot ah? Since he's the only guy...

Make out with 1 or 3?
- Ooh tricky one... I'll leave it to your imagination :p

Cuddle with 2 or 5?
- 4! Because I know how much she loves to be cuddled :p

Have kids with 3 or 4?
- Better 3. I don't want my kids to be wannabe rock stars when they grow older.

Live with 1 or 3?
- Again tricky question but I'd have to say 1 :)

Be stuck on an island with 2 or 5?
- 2! At least Pia won't need that much time for makeup (kidding D!)

Has 3 ever hurt you?
- Ooh......Yes

Have you ever hurt 4?
- Aww, have I ever Elly? No, right??????

Can you beat up 5?
- Totally! See the height

When is the last time you saw 2?
- Erk, just a few hours ago.

Who is the smartest?
- Tricky. I'd say Elly since she pass the SAT mock test :)

Does 2 smell good?
- At least she smells better than me, that I'm sure.

Who Has The Better…?

-Pia! She NAILED it people!

- Zig, you got this one. Those days you played cricket paid off okay.

- Face...Diana because she has one of the weirdest face I've ever seen (in a good way!)

- Elly... I dunno, I just thought of Elly when the word attitude pops... I wonder why...

- PIA!

- SHILA! Babe you know I ADORE your wardrobe.

Now I want to tag:
1. Sofiya
2. Elly
3. Diana
4. Lils

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