Monday, November 19, 2007


I just read a book called Allah Is Not Obliged by Ahmadou Kourouma. Or its full title is actually Allah Is Not Obliged to Be Fair about All the Things He Does Here on Earth. Doesn’t just the title makes you want to grab for it? Actually the book is really heavy and dark. Really dark, in fact. But I really like how the author connects the story with the title all the way until the last sentence. It makes sense, don’t you think?
I think that’s the problem with the most ungrateful of human beings. They think since they’ve been good, they’ve done everything by the book, thus things should go as they wish. The answer is simple. Allah is not obliged to be fair about all the things he does here on earth. Keyword: on earth. But, he might reward you in the afterlife. Correct? So stop complaining and start living life with faith intact. I honestly think that’s what optimism is all about. Faith. Even in your darkest moment, have faith. As we know, Allah is Al-‘Adl, which means “The Utterly Just.” For me, just knowing that is enough for me to smile. When you are in the deepest and darkest moment of your life, don’t for a second go, “Where is God? Isn’t God supposed to be kind and loving?! Then why is he doing this to me?!” Remember, he’s not obliged to be fair to you on this earth, but if you’re patient enough, you’ll taste your sweet reward insyAllah up in heaven.
Actually, that’s just part one of my rambling. The second part begins now. The reason for my entry today is actually to say even I am not obliged. But in a different sense, of course. I am only obliged to God the All Mighty and my parents. Besides that, I choose who I want to be obliged to and who I don’t want to. One thing you need to know about me is...I’m easy. Like I told a certain someone, it is easy for me to get mad at someone but it is also easy for me to calm down. It is easy for me to be sad, but it’s not shocking to see me smile the next second. And it is also very easy for me to like something or someone but it is easier for me to hate something or someone once I’m taken advantage of. Therefore, I just want to put it very clear here that I am not obliged to make you happy unless I want to. This is the dark side of Syaza you would seldom see.

Isn’t it obvious that someone had just opened the Pandora’s Box?


p/s: Good job Syaza =)

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