Monday, November 26, 2007

No One

With my hand I try to grip,
Something not mine, not even anyone’s.
I live in a lie that surrounds
this space I’m in. “Is it any fun?” you asked.
The answer lies neither with me
nor with anyone.

I can’t think of big words to express what I’m feeling.
Maybe because I don’t deserve
to explain
how severe,
This calamity I’m in.

Where is my angel?
Are you out there?
Or have you always been with me?
Is this fair, then
What I’m going through,
Just for me to see, and to witness
how cruel this world can be?

Save a spot for me, please
Either down here on earth or up there in the heavens.
I need to belong.
Somewhere that I belong; but where do I belong?
Guide me, please
Till the end of my story,
All through my darkness,
Where I believe I belong
not with you. Not with anyone.


p/s: note that this poem has NOTHING to do with how I'm feeling =)

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