Saturday, November 17, 2007


OH MY GOD I've been on hiatus since I consciously stopped going online a week ago! But I'm very happy because that was the plan. To do none-online related activities so that I can find the things that TRULY define Syaza Farhana. :) Yes Sofiya, I remember I did that dance and told ya I NEED my internet connection. I should realize by then that I've already strayed away from who I truly am. Yes, I love the internet but the internet is only a luxury. I started getting hooked when one by one of my friends started leaving for college... But since most of you guys, my readers, took my True Friend Test quiz you should know that I actually love meeting my friends face to face rather than chatting. And chatting has not been good to me for the past few months. Too many misunderstandings (right, Iman?) and I just hate the rollercoaster ride it took me on. Stupid bubble.

So anyway, I decided to take a 'vacation' away from all this facade and lies and simply put, away from CYBERSPACE. I decided to get in touch back with my human self. To talk, move, meet up with the people I love, have real conversations, see real stuffs and breathe fresh air. Aaah... I miss it. I miss sleeping early, getting up earlier (I used to love waking up early and watch the sun rise together2), eat breakfast (and not brunch. I  hate brunch because then I won't be able to eat my three/four meals per day), watch TV/DVDs, play my guitar marathon, actually EXERCISE, READ some good books, dance and just fool around! Ah I miss my old self!

Since I've been gone (ooh I should put Kelly's song), these are the things that I did:

1. I spent time with my lovely cousin, Kak Yong. She actually stayed with us for a few months last year. Therefore, spending time with her reminded me of how I used to know my priorities and was always strong enough to say NO.

2.Then right after she left I went to Kota Kinabalu. My trip taught me of respect. As the baby of the family, I've always spent time with adults and I was reminded of the way I used to think back then. I saw my life from my old perspective again. (And may I add that I did not shop at all! Shocker!)

3. Then when I came back I found out who were the ones that are sincerely concerned with my absence from cyberspace. Oh you people know who you are! I love you guys so much for your concern! :')

4. I also spent some quality time with Haziq, my dear friend. He taught me to laugh again in my life. And to appreciate the simple things in life. Such as having breakfast at McD in our 'selekeh' t-shirts.

5. But the best part of my 'holiday' was... when I surprised my best friend on her birthday. (I threw a surprise party for her last year too! Shila next year you better come to Nilai! :p) I've been planning with her university friends to surprise her and she was really shocked when she saw my friend Adilah, and I (we came all the way from KL, ok). Oh, her happy tears were priceless. Especially when she muttered, "You guys are the replacements..." while we were hugging and crying and her voice was muffled. I love you Shila babe, forever and ever. The next day we had breakfast together and these people reminded me of the optimist, happy-go-lucky girl I am and there's no reason why I should NOT be. There's nothing for me to complain about in this life :)

6. After breakfast Adilah and I head back to KL for our high school 'reunion' at KLCC. I LOVE YOU PEOPLE WHO ROCKED MY WORLD FOR TWO YEARS!!!!!! I had a blast chatting and laughing and just basically catching up. And these groups of people, they remind me of how friendly, bold, and crazy I can be when you know which of my switch to turn on ;-) Now I'm tired but it's all worth it.

All in all, I learn basically that a lot of things define me. True, EVERYBODY says that about themselves. But the most important thing to me is, no one person, no one thing, no one event of time solely define Syaza Farhana. ESPECIALLY not the internet. No, nuh-uh, nehi, la, tidak. Even if my laptop falls into a river, my desktop got stolen, my dad's desktop and laptop are locked in some dungeon and all the cybercaf├ęs nearby got burned down, I can still be happy. In fact, I might be happier.


p/s: But there's no picture of proof to any of these because I forgot to bring my bro's camera to the places I went to!

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