Wednesday, October 10, 2007

'Retail' Therapy?

Hmh... Where should I start... Okay2, like this, yesterday I took Sofiya and Diana to Pizza Hut since the last time we went they were having a full house and we were kinda craving pizza. So, on the way back I dunno what took over me, it was like God wanted me to take the back lane back to INTI... So yeah, I used that road instead of the one I usually used where I have to go through two traffic lights, n two roundabouts. While I was driving, it was dark and raining..........and suddenly the car in front of me swerve to the right. Instinctively I figured there must be a hole so I did the same thing but unfortunately for me, my car couldn't escape it. After the shock of it, and once I pushed the accelerator, there's a sound coming from the left side. Diana said it came from the back tire. Whatever it is, I was a BIT scared... It was dark, and raining, and none of us is confident driving back to INTI with that noise... So Sofiya called Fawwaz to come pick us up. But I felt really really bad, as I felt that I've troubled Fawwaz about my car more than needed. So I asked Sofiya to called him to tell him there's no need to come, but then after I tried driving less than 10 meters, we called him again. We were just not THAT confident. Fawwaz had to come all the way from somewhere [I am so sorry Fawwaz! :( ] and then he followed my car from behind as I parked it near the Dunlop shop. And then he took us back to INTI... (And then I cried sitting while taking my bath...)

And then today was not any better. My class ended at 4pm. I wanted to go straight to the workshop, but I don't know how to. Fawwaz and Nik said it's no trouble for them to send me but i honestly, REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY felt bad and that it's enough of me asking for favors from you guys. I wanted to take the cab, but Sofiya and Diana said it's dangerous so anyway I texted Fawwaz in the end. Then, he took us there, but STUPID CARELESS BLENDER KAMBING CHESZA!!! How can I forgot my CAR KEYS of all things?!?!?!? So Fawwaz had to take us back to INTI (I cried in the car...) I felt really stupid and disappointed with myself. After finally I had everything, Fawwaz and Nik dropped us and I went to the workshop. They showed me the crack on my back, left, sports rim... It was quite a long crack. So I had to changed my sports rim... I felt like crying when they said that because I feel such sentimental value to the old rim as I know my dad changed the normal Kancil rim to a sports one especially for his daughter when he bought the car for me... And now I cracked it... :'( Sorry papa... But anyway, this is when I started to get a LITTLE happy. I got to choose my own rim and I choose this one.

I dunno if it's any good, but I just like the color. Aah the female in me! And then together with the rims I had to change my tire to 14" ones... Gosh all in all it cost me RM1181......

"Tahun ni xyah duit raya, SERIOUS!!"


p/s: Urm pa, I also think my handphone got virus...but this time I'll pay for it!

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