Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Presentations report!

Well people, I got three presentations this week. One each for Chemisty, ENL, and Psychology. These are the reasons why my Raya break had to be cut short this year :( It's sad how since I came back to INTI, one by one the other Malay students started coming through the door on Tuesdays, and Wednesdays... They can ponteng classes but I cannot because all these presentations are one after the other.

It started with the Chem presentation which was on Tuesday. THAT's the reason why I had to come back on Monday and not Tuesday. Although the presentation was in late in the afternoon, Sofiya and I had just done the slides before the break but we don't even understand our own slides! :pp We went over it like two hours prior to the presentation. We had to talk on Photochemical Smog. It's a short presentation. Each group had to present a 10 minutes presentation on various topics. Sofiya and I were the fourth group...I think. It was OK I guess. I think it was OK. It was short and sweet. Straight to the point what photochemical smog is. Sadly, I stumbled here and there while explaining... But I like the fact that Miss Pari herself asked me a few questions and I'm glad I was able to state my opinion clearly to her :) After that Elly jokingly made a remark about something2 'Al Gore-ish'... SAVE OUR PLANET Y'ALL! (Maybe I'll get a noble prize one day too? :p Keep on dreaming Chesza...) ...I sound like a Hard Rock Cafe spokesperson.

And then that night... Why do God send me THESE people as my friends... Let's see, we were to have our ENL presentation the next morning, which was today. And, instead of preparing our material, Elly, Diana, and me (yeah Sofiya excluded) spent almost an hour and a half JUST PREPARING OUR OUTFIT! It was Elly's idea for all of us to wear a tie. But then, Elly didn't have any formal attire! (Damn you woman... :p) So we had to go through her stuffs to search for the right shirt... And then once the three of us had our outfits on and *cough* them parading in front of MY mirror, we tried persuading Sofiya to wear a tie too but we failed... After all the drama, we spent only a mere ten minutes going through what we're supposed to talk about. So today, the three of us, Elly, Diana, and me, were obviously over-dressed, but who cares right?! We're the weird/ freaky/ CORRUPTED Malay-female-JPA-social-science-students, right? Yeah, we know what 'you people' think, so don't act so shocked. *wink* But I think we still did a great job. We were group number six. Our research was on The Ugly Side Of The Beauty Industry. But since we didn't prepare anything, everything was spontaneous and even then I think it was okay :) What can we say, we love to talk :p (Can I add that Lils 'helped' by becoming our 'victim' for the day?)

Then my next and final presentation was my Psychology one! The one that I've been preparing like hell, and the one I practiced repeatedly over and over that I think Diana curi2 hafal my script! (Well that's good tho, Di. If not, they wont get the Phallic stage thingy :p) So, I was kinda confident I guess since I practiced my points/script all night long (after the outfit trying episode, that is :p). Oh, and may I also add here that I lost the script that I wrote on Raya night at 2 in the morning? Yeah I lost it. I got to re-write the whole thing from scratch (since I did not save it. I know, stupid.) But I guess it all worked out :) Our topic was on dreams. I didn't talk much today tho. My part was only the beginning and then near the end. And then towards the end we were running out of time so I had to rush through the behaviorism approach. But I did answer most of the questions put forth by the audience (and by Dr. Fulton) and I'm happy with myself for that! :)) Now I'm gonna go and write my 1000 words report!!

My groupmates: Me, Zaim, Lei Kheng, and Yi Juin.

I love this picture! Don't you think Zaim looked a bit like a smart punk-rockish dude? :p


p/s: Oh I got to add one more thing. One of the reasons why we wore ties today was to take a supposed 'band' photo but our 'drummer' got to go to a SAT thingy.

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