Monday, October 15, 2007

post raya

What a short Raya... ='(

I've heard/read once that traveling is never a peaceful experience to anyone. WHILE traveling, there's a lot of stress. You got to think of your accommodation, meals, transportation and luggage! So why do people still want to go on vacations then? The reason is that AFTER the vacation, it is the memory that you'll bring together with you forever that is priceless.

I think the same thing applies for my Raya this year. It was SHORT. And hectic. And stressful! But who cares?! Now that I'm back in INTI I'm thinking back of my family... (OK, so I admit that on the other hand, during Raya I miss INTI of all things! :p) I miss of lazing out with familiar faces... The familiar houses I'll visit, the familiar food, and the familiar people. Although this year was almost the same as the rest before, every year would bring with it new memories... Priceless memories... Now that all of us are a year older, there's a lot more to share. I love my family, no matter how stressful the day started. My raya was really...crazy. Even compared to last year when I have to study for SPM during Raya, it was still so much fun because my crazy cousins were hanging around, accompanying me till late at night... Oh, nothing can take them away from me. Life may be 'just a matter of time', but till then, you know you can always count on your little cousin/ niece/ granddaughter/ sister/ daughter here to be there the moment you need me :)

My family!

My family on my dad's side (Can't put pics of my mum's side, I wasnt wearing tudung! Mak Ina lar ni! :p)

Us again

I just love this pic!


p/s: Now back in INTI, i got THREE presentations this week

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