Thursday, October 4, 2007


Hmh, so where did I leave u guys with? Oh yeah, one entry on me being so down, n then the next on me trying to bring myself back up again. Hmh, where do u guys think I am now? I guess, somewhere in between. But most importantly I guess all I can say is that I can still live, at least.
Let me recall me week... Well, on Sunday night (Monday morning), I was down because of some reasons that after I analyzed back, is really nothing big. Just like I mentioned before, 'that' chain of words triggered a part of me that's...depressing.


SAD - On Monday, that whole day I was so sad for me. However, I was able to bring myself back up again, but then when came time to break fast, I was down again. Until that night, I did something stupid. After that I called Khaidir just to talk. I miss such familiar voice... And then my mood was much better plus after I had McD as my sahur.

HAPPY - On Tuesday, I slept late but woke up just in time for class. Again, remember my theory of how when I only had a few hours of sleep I would wake up fresher than when I have 6 hours of sleep? Yeah, the same theory worked here too. And then I went to Calculus, at first a bit sad with myself because I couldn’t do some of the questions Mr. Fo gave us the night before (my head was not in the right place) but then that morning I spent two hours really focused on those questions and got all correct! GO SYAZA! That night I spent my night studying with Elly and Sofiya because we got Chem quiz the next day. IF I'm not mistaken I was a bit sad that night over a little something but then another something made my day/night again :)

HAPPY - On Wednesday, I was happy because I can do the Chem quiz really well! Wee! (Please dear God, another good result for me). Then we got ENL class assignment which is not bad too, I guess. Later during Psycho, Dr. Fulton started his pe'el and didn't teach us anything but instead used that one hour to yap n yap about our assignment n the next hour 'supposedly' for us to have our group discussion. But instead, I gossiped. And then when it was time for Dr. Fulton's evaluation, I had fun putting everything 'D'! That night we spent our time studying Calculus. Before that I called FAYYADHAH! My best friend who totally knows me inside out! I miss u ='(

HAPPY - On Thursday, which was today, I was happy again especially since our class only started at 10. And today, Naim really made our day! There were two group presentations during psychology. The first group did an amazing job especially for their slides but honestly, the day belongs to Naim. Not to mention all his group mates (Naim, Rassyid, Diana, and Fiona) were so cute wearing smartly! After that was our calculus test n alhamdulillah I was able to answer all the questions with no sweat unlike my first test. And then I contacted my cousin, Kak Yong. Now...I don’t know what else to do. usual...GOING HOME!!!


p/s: In conclusion, there're two things. First, I do believe in Murphy's Law. Second, I WANNA KEEP ON BEING AN OPTIMIST!!! That's the only way to live my darlings :))

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