Thursday, October 25, 2007

Feelings... :p

Today was a very fun day! Well...maybe it’s kind of bittersweet but you people know me already. After living with me for almost four months you should know by now how I always see my glass as half full...most of the times. Anyway, I woke up quite early and packed my bags as I was heading home!!! Today's class was only psycho... no calculus... no TOEFL (maybe got but......). So we just went to psycho just now. Dr. Fulton was really in a good mood since yesterday. They said maybe it's because this is his last semester in INTI. Don’t know, don’t care. The point is he didn't ask about the mock trial we skipped and he was just in such a good mood! I don’t know if it's the old-age thing but he was so in a good mood that even when it's pretty obvious I got two questions wrong for my test2, he gave me full mark! I don’t know why, but who's to question?! Later we took pictures with him... Aww... It's so... I don’t know. Like I mentioned in my previous entry, I guess. Next semester all of us won’t be in the same classes anymore... Anyway, if only Dr. Fulton knows the stuffs I’ve been writing about him all semester long.

And then, the four of us went to the bakery for brunch. This week, as Elly puts it, is 'Bakery Week'. We’ve been going there every day this week. And then we celebrated Zaim's birthday today!! :) HAPPY 18 BIRTHDAY ZAIM!!! :D I am so happy to see you happy today! You know how much I appreciate our friendship because you know you've helped me A LOT for the four months I've been here in INTI! Thanks buddy! :)

And then I went back!

And then I chat with Iman, aka my best friend. (Can I write that here, Iman?) I got LOTS of information from him today. PRICELESS information that's going to lead my cognitive, emotion, and behavior after this. These information acts as a confirmation to the things that have been nagging me. I know what to do now. I'll no longer let my feelings affect my judgment anymore. If things are meant to be, it'll happen, if it's not, I dun want to be the fool. I'm going to be the bigger person and leave this mess before I go in too deep until one day I find myself suffocating. "My bubbles are slowly coming back down to earth people. And I am smiling, waiting for that safe land".

Actually I wanted to write another 'self evaluation' entry on RESPECT today, but I guess I’ll only get to do that later. I dun think it’ll be soon though as I'm going to focus on my examinations. And after the exams, I'm going to have so much fun that I will forget all the ups and downs I’ve been going through! Yay! Some of them taught me a lot, while some are just nothing at all. But most importantly, I grew and I learned that I DO have tempat mengadu's in INTI in the form of my friends. They are the people who won’t lie to me. The people who'll tell me to be strong. Also who'll simply tell me to just GET OVER 'IT'! Thanks to my crazy friends, you know who u are *cough*those who I always see during dinner*cough*. I want to wish all of you good luck for the finals, and may we see each other again next semester with more maturity intact.


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