Friday, September 21, 2007


I just feel like writing on this topic after recent events. It's interesting because these past days/weeks, it's becoming more n more apparent to my friends that I'm fond of sleeping. I don't feel like hiding this love of mine anymore. Now, when I feel like it, I'll sleep be it in class or anywhere else that I feel like it. It really doesn't matter to me WHERE I sleep because according to my secondary school friends, i can sleep ANYWHERE. Let me tell you of an in.te.res.ting. story...

Around three years ago when I was 15, I went to a prefect camp at some out-of-nowhere place. It's a Prefect camp so of course la the aim was to make us prefects tougher and whatever. So we had barely any hour of sleep. But as they said, it's only for three days so it should b ok. But guess what. Me being me, I slept at any free time I can get. Even if it's just for a few minutes or hours, on the ground or in our tent, day or night, smelly or noisy, no pillows or anything, I will. The most obvious example was on the second night when we were supposed to go into the forest around midnight. We were to gather at an opening and wait until our numbers were called and then after that we had to walk ALONE into the jungle, searching for the source of a sound. While waiting, seriously, there was nothing to do. At first of course my friends n I are excited and we talked and talked but once we had no more things to talk about, I slept. On the wet and dirty ground, until finally the facilitator had to light my face with her torchlight to wake me up. In my drowsiness I miraculously found the rest of the group. They were zikir-ing as it was late in the morning and dark and we were in a forest. Instead of joining them I found a spot and slept. And then the next hour or something, when I finally opened my eyes, they were already forming a line to make our way back to camp (I didn't realize that all had arrived). Since I only woke up, I ended at the back of a very long line. Whatever. Then we started going down in a line. Somehow along the way the second half of the girl's line lost the first half. Me, not knowing what had happened nor caring about what had happened, slept. With my hands still holding the person in front of me and squatting, I fell asleep. When I woke up this time I realized that I had lost grip of that person and she was already making her way forward! If I had open my eyes a second later I would lost the whole group! (But believe it or not, i was not scared that night as I can remember till now the thing that went through my head that night was "If I lost them I'll just sleep and hope they’ll be looking for me tomorrow." Seriously.) And then bla bla bla, came the last day. Before we wrapped it up, the facilitator called a few names apparently because of 'disciplinary' reasons. The second name called was...SYAZA FARHANA BINTI MOHAMAD SHUKRI. As I was making my way forward I could hear my friends whispering among them was it because I slept a lot while in camp. (Actually it was because it was my birthday that week.)

And it's no different here in INTI. At first I didn't dare to sleep in class, that's why I spent most of my afternoons between classes sleeping. But now, I couldn’t help it! I remember I think it started on that day I slept in Chemistry for almost half an hour and got away with it. And the latest was last week during SAT Math. I just put my head on the table and when I woke up it was already an hour later! And then during our Chem test I slept for almost twenty minutes and when I woke up there's traces of my lip-gloss on my paper...still got it when I got the paper back... And last week I slept in Chem and then.....nothing la.

The thing is, sometimes it's not because I'm THAT sleepy. Plus I'm considered one of the early sleepers among my friends. I just sleep because I'm bored. Seriously. When I get to my room and don’t know what to do until dinner time, I’ll sleep. While waiting for Zuhur I’ll sleep. While waiting for whatever, I’ll sleep. And now for my afternoon nap I have Elly to accompany me. Point is, I sleep just because! There's no actual reason. I can't study in the afternoon, my study time is at night and this was just a follow-up to my PMR and SPM years. I never study in the afternoon except for tuitions. If you ask ANY of my school friends they'll tell you that there's no use calling Syaza in the afternoon as they know I'll b in this altered-state of consciousness. (Big words!) Therefore, next time you find me dozing off, don’t be afraid to wake me. BUT, only if you have something better to suggest me do. However... if it's during my afternoon nap, I’ll guarantee you that even if the US of A decided to bomb INTI (since Americans r fond of bombing anything n everything...) I would still NOT wake up. That much I can promise.


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