Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Oh my God, where should I start!!! It had been a real rollercoaster ride for me in less than 24 hours, believe it or not! Some caused by mood swings, some...just events. I guess I should start from last night...

Last night Diana was fasting and she decided she wanted to MAKAN BESAR! So, we went to Alamanda, for the third time. We ate at this place Sofiya suggested, The Coast. It was kind of nice...really. How can it not be, I ordered steak, and. it. was. marvelous. (Because there's no such good-tasting steak anywhere near INTI! :p) But of course it cost me a lot! But once in a while.... And then last night I found out a little something2 that really got me down... Only my girls know what it is... Never mind. Not worth mentioning.

So then today I woke up really down. I went to Chem class in my sour mood... Go through it with a smile though... And somehow I was able to lie to my heart. But then, we found out that the SAT mock-test result was out. So what else, Elly, Diana n me went to Mr. Chan's office and saw the list. Of course. My name was not included in those going to take the real test this year. I would be lying if I say I wasn’t disappointed. But then, I kind of know it's going to b HARD for me to get it. It's HARD. And it's NEW to me. But oh well, I do believe that everything happens for a reason. I'm not saying staying in INTI is better, because that would totally b denying because I know I want it, but what else can I say? And INTI isn't that bad... If there's going to be more events such as that I'm going to talk about, I'm down with staying here. PLUS! I got full mark for my math section! Know I'm good at something!

But of course after that Elly and I weren't in the mood for ENL (Anyway Elly got to take the test this year, finally! Congrats girl! :)). But what can we do, not like we can just walk out like that. We were so in a bad mood that we considered skipping psychology (As if Dr. Fulton's going to teach.) But then decided to go, after listening to Rassyid and Naim's concern words... Aww... Thanks guys! Ok2, we won’t ponteng unless it's really 'important' guys.

After class....PARTAYYYY!!!! The 8TV Youth Tour finally made its final leg of the tour which was at INTI. Elly, Wenli, Lilian and I were in front of the stage from 5 something up till 8.30! Right up front! Woohoo! My favorite act believe it or not is this band that came out early, I'm not sure. We didn't catch the name! :( But they were good and the vocalist is 'ahem'2... Right Elly smelly? Oops, wrong question, Elly is in love with Radhi now. Plus it's cool when Rina Omar said "It's nice coming to private colleges!" or something like that.

Then later tonight Elly, Sofiya and me studied psychology as tomorrow's going to b the stupid test on the nine chapters we haven’t even finish learning yet, and instead of being MCQ as he promised, Dr. Fulton made it a fill in the blanks question! People pray for me!

Now I better sleep, sian sofiya... nite2!


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Syarnissa said...

CONGRATS FOR GETTING FULL MARKS ON THEAT MATH SECTION! YAY! Well, don't feel bad sbb xleh sit for SAT this year. No matter what, your dreams will come true. Amin. Good Luck!