Friday, September 7, 2007

Malam Kebudayaan KDU

Well, what should I report on that night... I guess I'll do a short entry as I'm really tired right now. Sofiya and I were ready by 6.30 pm because I thought I want to take my cell from the shop but as it happened to b, my cell will only b ready on Sunday. So Sofiya practiced her driving skills around campus first as we waited for Elly and Diana. Then they came down around 7, but we can’t go anywhere as we have to wait for Shahrin. He FINALLY arrived around 7.30... So then we made our way there. Once there, Elly, Diana, and Sofiya all got friends... I'm the only one with no friends to greet... We sat together, Elly, Diana, Sofiya, Me, Haniff, Iman, and Imran. The show was ok I guess. I know I'm having fun making small remarks with Diana here and there :p The food was...okla for RM40. I guess everyone was really looking forward to OAG's performance. Once they came out we were laughing as Radhi was 'recycling' the script he used during the 8TV Youthtour. That was the closing and once OAG said bye, we started planning our way back to INTI. While going out from KDU, we found the band smoking outside the building near my car. Yeah, right. That was it. Yeah! And I met Aina from the Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang Selangor bla3... Syar, you remember her right? She's the one doing accounting too. She's in KDU doing her A-Levels now. Anyway later that night was a bit...urm... Anyway, talk later!

~sLuMbEr ChAcHa~

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Syar. said...

Yes, I do remember her.Aina. Missing Auly as well.Ingat tak time tu, just both of us yg 17 tahun, others semua budak PTS.Cei.Haha.Alaa,,apasal post pendek sgt?Nk tgk pics tau!