Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good Day

Wow! This is the first time after a very long time since I had a really good, and productive day. What a good feeling!!

Today (Tuesday), I woke up quite early. ...Okay that's actually a lie. It's not really early la... But I woke up around 6.30 something and went straight to the bathroom to take my bath. ...Suddenly I remembered someone's comment about bathing early in the morning... Anyway. The thing is, usually I'll wake up around 6.30 to pray n then continue sleeping for about 30min till about an hour. But since I took my bath early today, I had a lot of free time. Mind you I don't spend half an hour staring at the mirror doing my make up, so that's why. So, I took that time to revise a bit on my calculus notes, and on what we were going to learn today.

And then, actually I was quite nervous to go to my calculus class today because Mr. Fo will b giving out our test result back. I was nervous because when he was giving us the answer last Thursday I had a feeling that I had gotten most of the answers wrong! But since Mr. Fo is THE BEST LECTURER EVER, he gave marks at places where he can see there's effort. Seriously! Though actually, my answers are not that wrong. Just careless here n there. When Mr. Fo called my name I was really nervous, because he said nobody gets full mark, and Valerie who got 23 was the highest. Then when I came up next to him when my name was called, he looked at my paper, up at me, n then said, "Good," and smiled! I got 21/25! Okla!

After class, instead of doing nothing...or sleeping, (remember, I got A LOT OF free time until 4pm!) I went to my psychology group meeting. Okla what, I mean I didn't waste my time...like usual. After that, I cannot help it. Have to teman Elly sleep. We slept until...I don't know. But then I woke up early because my group had a meeting with Dr. Fulton at 3pm. Again, instead of lazing around, I did something productive! Go Syazaaa! :p After that was Chem lab.

Aaah... what a productive day... Now I can sleep in peace :)


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Syar. said...

21/25 is damn good !
I love u, girl !