Monday, September 3, 2007


I'm trying to figure out as I'm writing this, what is wrong with me. No, there's nothing wrong with me, but with me...either it makes sense to you or not. It's Murphy's Law isn't it, Diana. One day I'm up, and the next I'm down. Either that or it's the post-break depression. I know of a post-concert depression but I've never felt a post-break before. I can't really tell which one is worse. During my post-concert depressions I would feel sad, yet happy at least when I think of the concert. I would feel exhausted and sad for it to end, but not emo! Post break... well, perhaps it is the same. Am I missing the break? Not really. A few days at home and I was missing INTI and my crazy friends here already. What's there for me at home or in KL? My family, of course, but I'm trying to be stronger now people so I won't go there! Maybe I miss talking about KL... My third theory is...It's all Zaim's fault! (I'm kidding darling!) What I meant by that was that he was in a bad mood, and somehow I felt lousy too. (INTIANs, I know what you guys are thinking so stop that thought there and don’t give me those comment now or I'll bite you.) Can we b affected by emotions??? Hmh, that's a question I'll certainly ponder upon... (Sorry, I'm just babbling here, you’re allowed to go to the next page)

Or maybe because of that thing. Read previous entry.

Or maybe because my car has been disappointing me BADLY these past few weeks. I don't know. I've changed the batteries before starting at INTI. I’ve send it to the workshop after it embarrassed me in front of Nadia. Now, almost every time I went out it'll definitely break down. Why Whitey, why?? (Whitey is the name my friend Asilah gave to my car the first day I drove to school :)) I love that little kancil, I really do. That's the thing I will kiss first thing when I come home. That's the thing I'm going to hug almost each night. That's my baby. (Not my bini, to that certain someone who understands)

Or maybe cause I have tests coming? I don’t think so... Chem, I have studied and like Elly said, it's just a repetition of form 5. Calc, Mr. Fo just said it's going to be next week and it's only on 1 and a 1/2 chapters. Psychology...let's just say I'm going to use my favorite strategy...TAWAKAL! ENL? There's going to b a test next week, and I’ll only know what it’ll be of, tomorrow.

Haih...I don’t know...Mood swings? I hate mood swings. I don't even BELIEVE in mood swings. That's why I'm trying my best to smile... so help me put a smile on my face people!!! :))

While I'm writing this, I just came back from the library. I accompanied Sofiya and Elly for a while as they were having their psychology research discussion. I did my calculus work and done with it. When my group is going to have another discussion...I'll talk to Lei Kheng about that. I don’t have classes anymore after this. Ms Pari postponed our Chem classes for yesterday and today. Right now, I just want to sit here on my bed and ponder...


p/s: I'm listening to BSB's old songs and it reminds me of my childhood... Oh how I miss those carefree days...

p/p/s: Just wanna say a HUGE WELCOME to Syar!!! Thanks for stopping by! Make sure you come back! Syar is someone I met at the Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang Negeri Selangor something2 last 3 months...I think. She's a Malaysian Top Student as me too. How r u doing girl?! :)

p/p/p/s: I promise this is the last! ...CHECK OUT MY NEW BF, BEN DEIGNAN!!!

added later: Sofiya made me laugh like HELL! Thanks babe!

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Syar said...

Hehe..''I Think'..Yes, I'm the one you met 3 months ago. I'm good. I lost your number btw. SIM card I gila. hehe.