Friday, August 24, 2007

Shah Alam

Well, let me start by saying that today is one of my best yet one of the worst days for me. I guess I'll start from the beginning...

My friend, Asilah, has been bugging me for quite some time already to visit her in UiTM... The thing is, although I came home every weekend, I always bring with me PILES of work so I never get the chance to see her. She on the other hand is always busy with her debates during the weekends, so our time clashes. Since she knows that I'm on my break she asked me to visit her. OF COURSE I WANT TO!!! I miss my baby! My darling! My honey! But...I don’t know the way there! So, fortunately for me, someone I know always goes to UiTM to visit his girlfriend (I can no longer say his name because I know his girlfriend saw my Friendster profile and I have my blog url posted there and I dun want to get into more trouble.) So we planned to go together from his place after the Jumaat prayers, and we planned to come back home by ten. Anyway, of course I dun mind since I don’t have any idea how to get there pun. I followed behind his car, but then I lost him halfway. Knowing me, I'm a cool chick when it comes to getting lost in KL (Right Sil? :)). I relaxed, and just followed the sign board all the way to Shah Alam and then to UiTM. Once I got there I couldn’t do anything because Sil was in a meeting so I drove around the campus until four pm. Then Asilah called me asking me to meet her at the Dewan Makan. After a few minutes I saw her n she saw me and we started shouting like HELL in the middle of Kolej Mawar!!! I miss her so much!!!

Then she took me to her room and introduced me to her roommates Aina and Atiq. They're really cool I got to admit. Funny too. It's nice to know she's in good company (I don’t know why, but although I know Asilah is a big girl and sometimes more matured than me, and she can totally take care of her own, I still feel like she's my baby and I have to look after her like when we were in school.) And then we just hang out in their room until 6. After that we made our way to KUTPM to meet my other friend, Ima. Although we're neighbors like I said I'm always busy during the weekends... Huhu... Ima pierced her nose and there's LOTS to tell! I miss my babes!!! We had dinner at a tomyam place and it was nice. After that we went back to UiTM as Asilah had booked the karaoke room especially for the occasion :') She booked for 8-9 but since we arrived ad 8.30 we only had a mere 30 minutes session of 'singing' :( bad luck started. I dun want to mention it here except that I'm very disappointed with someone now. Long story short, we send Ima back to Seksyen 13 and then I drove back again to UiTM (I feel like I already know Shah Alam pretty well :p) just for the girls to pack their stuffs as they're so nice to accompany me back home to KL.... I owe them a HUGE one...! Huhu.... And then there we met they're ex-roommate, Aqi, and she's cool too! Talkative and warm. When on the way back (the six of us girls) we chatted and 'discussed' about this girl we know that's been causing problem for my friends. We came to the conclusion that she is who she is, which is b*tchy, because she has low self-esteem... That's the ONLY reason why someone would be such a hypocrite in front of one's parents and then be different in front of the boyfriend. The boyfriend is so in love with a fake.

Anyway, I arrived home at 11.30... Which was an hour ago. Tomorrow 'Asilah and the girls' will b going back to Shah Alam in the morning... I feel so bad guys... :( Thx a lot tau... All in all, I think I'll DEFINITELY go back to UiTM to hang around with them. Especially since I didn’t get the chance to meet any of the guys! And I am very happy to know that my baby is having a blast in UiTM. GOOD FOR YOU DARLING! :))


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