Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Well, first of I thought of writing a very HAPPY entry today. This morning started off lovely, doesn’t it Sofiya? And then during Chemistry we started on a new topic which is my favorite of all the topics in Chemistry... the calculation! Then during ENL Ms Judy played a Richard Marx song... (If Sil is here I know both of us would go "awww"...) After that psychology is starting to look better today, Dr. Fulton has finally come to realization that it's give and take.


Something happened just now that made me think of Sofiya's blog, of her talking and praising her guy friends. And after what happen, I want to do the same thing. See, although admittedly my guy friends don't open doors for me, or blanja me drinks, or whatever, but one thing for sure is, they are never RUDE to me. Never. They may not b the best gentlemen there are out there, but they still treat me with much respect. They would never turn their voice up, they would never use harsh words, and if either party makes a mistake, they would apologize n forgive me as asap. I was wondering while in the toilet and I realized that my friends n I have been saying this a lot here in INTI, "x gentleman ah!" For me, a gentleman is not someone that pulls a chair for me to sit or treat me drinks, but someone who actually treats me like a lady. Simple isn’t it? I'm not saying I haven’t meet any guys here that r gentlemen cause I have, but I'm shocked to meet those who r not. I know I may not b the pretty little thing you have a crush on, but even as friends can’t u respect me enough? For me, the only people who have the right to b rude with me are those who probably won’t know my name in the next 20 minutes.

I'm just currently in a state of shock. How can a guy say something like "blah ah ko" in a rude way? If it's in a playful manner I won’t mind at all. And people, if there's a "haha" at the end of my sentence that means I'm joking, got it? And I thought girls are supposed to be the sensitive ones, eh, my fellow ENL classmates?

I'm just disappointed and now I just want to write about MY guy friends. (I'm doing this in alphabetical orders) First I got Afiq who is my best friend since we were seven. He is like one of the most caring and most gentleman person I have ever met. He treats me right and sincerely care for me and if I'm in a bad situation he would not judge nor say something like "It's that time of month la tu...". And then there's Mu aka Dzul aka Ganu. Although his biggest attribute being that he is DAYM funny, he also cares about me. If I'm sad he would try to make his stupid jokes and if I do hurt him he would still make jokes as a way to say he accepts my apologies! Then there's Faiz, the guy who totally get us girls! He is another guy I know that would never, ever, ever, raise his voice in front of me. Next is Haziq! My other funny friend! He would TOTALLY talk s*** with me but from his tone I can get that they're only jokes. And we do have misunderstandings but a few days later we would get on each other's nerves again. I also got Khaidir, someone whom I can lepak2 with his parents and have a blast. Even in the presence of his parents or without them, he would always treat me right. Nazim would be another guy who I’ve never heard his voice above normal decibel level. The last guy would be my 'boyfriend' for two years. I said that because I was stuck as his assistant for two years! Syawal. Although some of my friends think he's rude, he's actually not. He's just a bit rough but I can see through the way he treats me and his girlfriends is full of respect. He understands the concept of a girl. I totally love Syawal as he understands me and was never rude or ever say hurtful things to me. I don’t remember but if he ever did so, it's forgettable as we forgave each other.

Again, I'm not saying I haven’t met any INTIANs that are nice, but an experience today taught me that not every guy understands how to treat a lady. Some of these guys think it is macho to act rudely and I have no idea where they get this schema.


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