Thursday, August 2, 2007


I just came back from my General Psychology class just now. I'm fasting today so while my friends are having their lunch right now, I'm sitting here in my room listening to WHAT IT FEEL'S LIKE TO BE A GHOST from my new CD. (Do I need to repeat which CD)

Anyway, there's something burning in me right now that I just have to let out. I don't like the way Dr. Fulton addressed us today. About how we've been spoon-fed all this while. I know2, that the Malaysian education system does not really promotes the best of each individuals. I've known of that fact since I started going to secondary school. I don't like how we have to learn stuffs that we don't want to and most probably won't use in the future. The product of it is, we'll end up memorizing facts n not understanding it because we simply dun have the passion to bother.

BUT i do believe that not EVERY student is like that. Including me. I know, I’ve complained more than enough before "Why do I have to learn Chemistry and Add Math?!" But you know what, I'm actually GLAD I learned all those. Those are precious knowledge that made me appreciate my surrounding more. Knowledge that helps me UNDERSTANDS my surrounding more. I had gladly tried my best to understand everything that I have ever learned. That's what puts me a step above I think. Because I'm well aware that memorizing can only bring you so far; therefore, that's why I try to, no, actually I DO, comprehend the stuffs that are taught to me. I'm not a sponge. That's one other thing I like about myself for being a rebel. When I don't particularly like a subject, I would rebel, as in question why I have to learn it? But I don't let it stop there. I find the answer as in WHY I’m learning it. And that made all the difference.

That's why I am a bit...mad, that most of my classmates just now nodded their head when Dr. Fulton said we had just been memorizing all these while. I felt it like an insult. Why, because I believe ALL of us are not the memorizing type. I do believe so. It's just not possible to just memorize and be where they are today. Why put yourself so low? Think about it.


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