Monday, August 27, 2007


"Enough already, WOMAN!" (Quoting Elly.)

See, if u guys remember my earlier entry, I was complaining bout how I'm going to survive this break since i have LOTS of work to do, right? Yeaaaarrrriggghhht! What work??? I haven't done nothing! I haven't even stay long at home during the break! Bad Syaza... Bad Syaza!

Hmh, let's see, I arrived home from INTI last last Friday (No, that's not a typo). And then the next day which was Saturday my family and I went back to Ipoh. That's a blast, I love seeing my cousins and then exchange gossips like, EVERYTIME. And then we came back on Sunday. On Monday my mum took a day off and we went...around, doing errands :p Tuesday I watched Ratatouille. Wednesday was the ONLY day I had time off. I woke up at 1pm and then went straight to lunch which was McD :p On Thursday I went lepak2ing with Zai and Hud. Oh, and by the way my breakfast was McD's breakfast. Friday, I went to see my baby in Shah Alam. Then on Saturday I was at home but then during the night when I 'supposedly' wanted to study, my cousin and I had our own little karaoke session. Yeah, before I forget, we had McD at 2.30 that night too, delivery. On Sunday we went to visit my aunt.

Then today, on Monday, Me, Elly, Sofiya and Diana went to OU. We planned to watch Evan Almighty but decided not to since Elly and Sofiya have to rush back home early. So we just chilled, ate some crazy large burgers at Carl's Jr. Can u guys believe it that some of the guys that work there actually gave us their numbers. As if we're going to call! Then we just walked around as we wait for Haniff, Shahrin, and Imran to join us, even though Imran was already there earlier! Later Elly and I had some crazy picture-taking-time! 

Then...we went to Baskin Robbins and lastly to Mynewscafe before heading home. Huh! What a day :)



P/S: By the way Elly smelly, now I get your shocked look when I told u before that my family reads my blog. Nowadays, I no longer really write about stuffs bothering me, and I'm missing those days when I had a blog that NO ONE knows about...until my friend Adilah discovered it, that is.

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ellydelish! said...


i look way too round in those pix!!!

well,i guess i can seek comfort in the fact that i don't photoshop my photos.
unlike that certain!