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Anyway as it is our independence day, I remember of an article I wrote for a competition when I was thirteen. So I'd like to share it with you guys. Bear in mind I wrote this FIVE years ago! Enjoy!

" When I found out about the competition, I was thrilled. I know I can write good story/composition. But when I thought about it more, I asked myself “What am I going to write about that have something to do with Independence Day?” Then, it hit me. I am one of those pathetic people that have no idea how to celebrate National Day. Will I stay at home and watch the television? ; Will I pray to show how thankful I am to be independent? ; Or will I have a party?

So, I checked out the dictionary the other day to find out what patriotism means. It said that patriotism is the feeling of loving your own country. In my case that’s Malaysia. That is when I figured out what I’m going to write about. PATRIOTISM.

Loving Malaysia. Does every citizen of Malaysia have that same feeling? Does everyone really love this country? In my opinion, no. Maybe senior citizens like my grandparents would know the joy of being independent because they went through those difficult days. But what about my parents, uncles, aunties, cousins, brother, niece and even myself? We never care to appreciate what is already in front of us. We look past that and see Independence Day as just another holiday on the calendar. Does independence really means that little to us?

Let see it this way. Kids would love this day because there will be a parade. Teenagers love this day because they can rest their brains that are working constantly. Adults love this holiday because (obviously) they don’t need to go to work. How sad that is.

Why don’t people just sit down a moment and think what Malaysia will look like if we aren’t independent from the colonist. Maybe we will never have enough food. Maybe we will never really found the freedom of doing things the way we want to do. Maybe we will have to look right and left before doing anything. There will be no peace. Basically, our life will be on the line. Do we want that to happen again after all these years?

Have we ever thought, if it weren’t for all those people such as Tunku Abdul Rahman, the British will never leave us alone? He was an example of the people who made everything today the way it should be. Now, Malaysia’s name can be seen around the world. Why? Because we have the freedom and courage to put our name out there on the same level as any other famously known people in the world. But teenagers today will only remember Tunku Abdul Rahman’s name when a history exam comes nearer. Is this really what we are about? To only see the ‘Father’ of Malaysia’s name on some piece of paper. Shouldn’t we be pouring all of our loves on him now? If you are someone who helped your country in any way, don’t you want to be appreciated?

I admit I am a teenager too. That is why I know how we teenagers feel when it comes to something like this. Actually, it is fun to scribble something mean on the late Prime Minister’s picture. I mean, he is dead. What can we do to show how grateful we are to him? Well, that was my feelings before this competition. Now, I know there’s a lot of way. You don’t need to prove your love only to him. You need to prove it to this country. If someone really cares, they can find lots of interesting ways to celebrate this up-coming National Day. For example, go to an exhibition, be in a marching band, enter any kind of competition or just simply be a spectator at the Dataran Merdeka. Yeah, it won’t have pop/rock/r ‘n’ b/hip hop music on the road. But there will be the song of the place where you were born in. Isn’t that just beautiful?

There have been some problems in the country for the past couple of years… okay, political problems. So, let just make the holiday as a get-together for everyone. It is bad that everybody has different (and bad) opinions on some stuff. He says he is bad. She says she is bad. It will never end if we asked for an ending. But what we can really ask is a day of peace.

Now, even if we want to watch the (long and boring) march, or be at some party which is full with dancers, or if we just want to lay back and think about this beautiful country for a minute, the decision is in everyone’s hand. We just need to open it and look deeper. Patriotism does not only about love for your country; it is also about appreciating everything about your country. I don’t and won’t ask everyone to truly love this country, but what I do ask is for everyone to change their focus for just one day. On the 31st of August, why don’t we have some fun… the right way. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!


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Am definitely one of your devoted readers. Congratulations for everything. Good Luck!