Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Ok... At first I was a bit reluctant to write about this but... I'm supposed to write on my beings and this is the most SURPRISING part of my far... I was reluctant's a bit embarrassing to admit my friends put it..."Syaza tidak pernah malu" :p So... I guess I should not be ashamed to admit that... After eighteen years of living on this planet.....last Monday was the FIRST TIME EVER in my life that I COOKED a whole MEAL on my own without any help!!! *lifting right hand anticipating a high-five* I know, agak memalukan, sudah lapan belas tahun hidup baru... But so what! There must b a first to everything, right? ;-) To say it was good... cannot la... what can u expect from a girl who before this only knows how to put the maggi mee into the microwave oven... But like I told everyone, none of my family members die yet or throw up or complain of a stomach ache after eating food that I cooked, so it must b ok :p Anyway my family was my 'appetite with an ego' (got it Nik? ;-))'s the critique :p

On Monday I whipped up (cewah! cam dh terer jer bunyik! bunyi je la... haha.) ikan asam pedas and ayam masak kicap... urm... I told my mum I HAVE to learn ikan asam pedas as I remember Sofiya mentioned it and I agreed with her that it's one of the most important dishes and the one I'm going to miss most in US! (yes pia, I mentioned your name again... :p) Plus, ikan asam pedas will always reminds me of Asilah's late mother... Al-Fatihah to both of her parents... But, err, my asam pedas was a bit too greasy (don’t ask me how) and my ayam masak kicap was a bit too salty... But my brother said it was ok. I guess it’s because of his love for kicap he couldn’t even detecting the saltiness.

On Tuesday, I cooked ikan tauco and tomyam... Okay so I admit the tomyam was mostly my mum's work, but I was in a rush. I just got home and opened the recipe book and freak out as I have no idea what the hell the book is talking bout on daun ketumbar and such... I know the name, don’t know the look, so how to cook?! But the taucu is all my work la... Ok what...

Today I cooked ikan masak kari and ayam halia... Urm... the curry my aunt help (I didn’t ask for her help ah! But 90% still I'm the one who cooked it... :p) and the ayam masak halia also mostly I cooked it. My mum just help put everything in as there was a call for me suddenly... pulak dh kan?

BUT. The point is, after the first day, there's nothing too salty or too whatever anymore afterwards! Yes! *Pats my back* AND when on the first day it took me almost an hour and a half to get everything ready, after day two it was all settled in ONE HOUR. So...any rombongan meminang interested? (I'm joking ibu papa!)



miszunderstood said...

1 question: did u used all the 'perencah' that we talked about or the real deal???


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