Monday, August 13, 2007

August 13 2007 (well it's already 14, whatever :p)

Anyway, today was a Monday and I am so sad! I want to go to my brother's convocation! Like how Sofiya put it, my one and only SIBLING. Not only cannot go to his convocation, cannot meet him at all because i got classes from 10 to 6! Pa, nk gambor, nk post kat sini...

(I can’t believe I miss it!!!)

My first class was SAT (V). USUALLY I would be so sleepy in this class as it's three hours! But today however sleepy or not I was, I tried my best to stay awake as I want to get ANYTHING Mr. Pal was saying in preparation for the mock test we're going to take this Thursday. I don’t know to say if I'm hype for it, but I just want to go into that well-prepared and just get it over with!

Later in the afternoon was our ENL class. That was another fun class, again! Ms Judy is so great! She's so creative in coming up ways to teach this...not la to say dull, but another English subject... Today we had a little debate among the guys and the girls. Open talk on what confusion we have concerning the other gender. It's nice to hear what they're really thinking of, although it's only Gerard speaking!

Then tonight, as Diana and Elly had another night out, I decided to stay in with Sofiya because I really want to study as much as I can because...From Friday onwards I'm not going to hold a book as it's the term break!!! "Yiiieeeehhhhhhhhhhhh!" (Betul ke that Elly? :p)


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