Saturday, July 28, 2007


Wow! After reading my previous entry and after reading my psychology textbook, chapter three (yeah, I just read it, sorry Dr. Fulton!), I finally understand my situation! It's of the Gender Identity and Sex Typing! :) Like what I wrote, before even knowing of it, I’ve known of my gender identity around the time I went to school and realized that I am to an extent A GIRL! (However stupid that may sound to you.) And, according to the cognitive development theory, my sex-type finally catches up and I was motivated to acquire sex-type behavior of a female. That's how I turned from a flat-out tomboy (who was against skirts!) to the lady I am (I do love flowing skirts now :))...

I guess I'm not confused anymore. If you ask me who I am, I'd answer "I am a girl", if you ask me what I like to do, I'd answer "I love to pig-out with guys who won't judge me like some girls do", but if you ask me my preference, I'd answer "I LOVE HAVING THE BEST OF BOTH SEXES IN ME!" :)


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